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 The demand... anyone can build on this, Especially Afterlife.

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PostSubject: The demand... anyone can build on this, Especially Afterlife.   Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:20 am

As the crowd is still in shock at what just happened to Gyalin Reece at the hands of Jay Hall... boo's fill the arena to a point thought unimaginable.

Abigail: "Gyalin finally got put of commission it looks like... he won't be meddling in my affairs anymore."

Richard: "Nope, I think you finally got him this time Abigail."

SUDDENLY... the lights darken to an ominous eerie glow as the Titantron lights up and House of 1000 Corpse's by Zombie Girl erupts throughout the arena. The curvy figure of Darkani Vengeance makes itself known by appearing from behind the Titantron, not dressed in her normal black cloak... but this time in a black one piece outfit that shows off all of her tattoo's. She walks slowly down the ramp towards the ring as Jay Hall still stands there after pummeling Gyalin Reece. She stops about halfway to the ring, and points a slender finger at Jay Hall and then points to her head as Jay noticeably laughs and the crowd is in a
more cheery type of state.

As Darkani's music fades and Titantron goes dark for a moment... the fans begins to chant SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK very loudly as Jay covers his ears. As quickly as Jay covers his ears, Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson begins to blare over the loudspeakers and the Titantron lights up yet again with a single bolt of purple lightning...
the lights darken even further as Abigail begins to look nervous.

Abigail: "What the...what does he want!"

Richard: "Another butt kicking I would say, Abigail."

The music plays on and the Titantron continues to light up... but no Spookmeister is seen, the fans begin to become discouraged... UNTIL, from the crowd the Spookmeister jumps over the security barricade and blasts Asgard with a vicious clothesline, which knocks him to the floor rather hard. He then picks up a chair and hits Takeo over the head with it before he can react to Asgard falling to the floor.

Abigail: "Enough of this Spookmeister! What do you want?! I will fire you!"

Richard: "Don't agitate this crazy guy too much Abigail."

While Spookmeister brandishes the chair in his hands, the lights go back up and the music stops... Spookmeister grabs a mic from a nearby staffer and begins to speak.

Spook: "What do you think the dark justice wants Abigail? I want that object of my revenge who stands in that ring right now. I am going to destroy him, one way or another Ms. Howard... and I suggest you give me the match or I will simply impose my will upon you."

Abigail, looking rather frustrated with Spookmeister's comments... calls Jay down from the ring... as Jay begins to slide underneath the bottom rope.
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Posts : 77
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PostSubject: Re: The demand... anyone can build on this, Especially Afterlife.   Sun Jun 07, 2015 2:27 am

With a sudden flickering and failure of the main lights... the arena goes almost dark once again, as it has many times this night. Graveyard Symphony behind to blare all over the arena as AFTERLIFE just so happens to appear from behind the Titantron and begins to
make his towards the ring.

Abigail: "Get security out here... someone!"

Abigail says in a stunned and shrilly voice. Richard responds...

Richard: "I agree with you Abigail, now we have Spook and Afterlife out here and only Jay Hall to stop them."

At the mention of his name, Jay Hall turns to see Afterlife walking his way... with his attention now being divided between Spookmeister by the announce table and Afterlife walking towards the ring. Afterlife stops as Spookmeister raises a hand, Darkani then takes cover behind Afterlife. His music finally stops and he points to Abigail Howard...

Abigail: "What do you and your freak friends want!"

Abigail screams almost at the top of her lungs.

Afterlife, without saying a word... points to the Titantron at this time. The screen lights up with a black background and a series of white goth style letters... reading the following.


Another sudden move is made by Spookmeister, he manages to reach over the fallen body of Takeo and grab Abigail Howard by her black hair... he grabs a mic as Jay Hall looks on, not knowing which direction a possible attack may come from.

Spook: "Give me my match Abigail Howard! Jay Hall will feel the vengeance tonight, one way or another... if he wants that World Title so bad and you have such faith in your new recruit... put it on the line. Me against him for the title."

As Abigail squirms about, trying to free herself from Spookmeister's grip... Asgard stumbles back to his feet just long enough to throw a heavy right hand and hit Spook in the back with it. Spookmeister releases Abigail and she runs to the side of Jay Hall... meanwhile
Spookmeister turns and faces Asgard, almost implying that his right hand had no effect... he responds with his own right hand that knocks Asgard off balance long enough for him to be picked up and powerbombed through the announce table, this time apparently out of it for good.

Spook: "Well Ms. Howard? Do me and Afterlife have to come to you and destroy Jay and then destroy you? I want MY match now!"

Jay Hall then pushes Abigail away and motions to Spookmeister.

Jay: "Give him the match Abigail! I will teach this dark avenger what it means to really bleed... I don't need Asgard or Takeo! I am quite sure that Afterlife will just sit back and watch... c'mon Spook!"

Abigail listens to the words from Jay Hall and shakes her head before responding.

Abigail: "You better not lose this Jay... that World Title belongs in our possession, but since you are so confident and Spook is so beaten to hell over the past week... you should crush him rather quickly."

The fans let out a series of boos as Abigail turns to face Spookmeister.

Abigail: "Since you are so sure you want this... you got it, but Jay Hall is fixing to finish you off!"

Spookmeister smiles and then throws his mic at Abigail, nearly hitting her in the face... the bell rings.
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The demand... anyone can build on this, Especially Afterlife.
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