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 Forgiveness???(To be placed right before tag title match)

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PostSubject: Forgiveness???(To be placed right before tag title match)   Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:42 am

The scene opens within a poorly lit hallway. Spookmeister is making his way towards the backstage concession area on his way to who knows where. As he strides confidently down the hallway, he is quickly cut off by Jay Hall... Spookmeister takes a couple steps back and raises
his fists preparing for a fight. Jay raises his right hand as if to say calm down... Spookmeister begins to speak.

Spook: "What do you want Jay?! Why shouldn't I smash you right here?!"

Jay backs away this time, and lowers his head for a moment.

Jay: "I just want to talk."

Spookmeister raises a single eyebrow and nods to Jay.

Jay: "What happened to you Spook? Darkani has ruined you... she has turned you into some servant and you don't even realize it. We were better off without that woman."

Spookmeister cuts him off with a raised hand.

Spook: "That woman you refer to is my dark master, she has guided many through the darkness in search of purpose... she did that for me as well."

As Spookmeister finishes, Jay appears to be becoming agitated.

Jay: "That woman has made me feel like some puppet in all of this. My craving for BLOOD is insignificant whenever you are her are around. You have a singles championship and that has eluded me, you speak of patience... for what!? What good does it do me
to sit back in your shadow as you claim all of your victims and leave me with none to eradicate. I want that World Title and I am going to get it... I will be the championship horse in this race my friend. You and Darkani have reduced me to cleanup duty and I am sick of it!"

Spookmeister raises a hand once again.

Spook: "Last week I tried to help calm you down from your rage, and you clobbered me with a weight and got your blood... I do understand that this is difficult for you because you have come up short so many times. I explained to you that you need to remain patient
and do not let your feelings cloud your judgement, however that is exactly what happened. The powers of vengeance now scream at me to destroy you Jay... but perhaps this is a time worthy of forgiveness because of your frustration?"

Jay steps forward, towards Spookmeister...looking a little more angry this time.

Jay: "I don't want your forgiveness... I want what you have! The fans love you the best, you have caught the attention of Gyalin Reece... I should be holding that title of his. As for Darkani, she is in our way... she limits your powers of destruction in the name of
dark justice as you call it. If you were to explode the way I did last week you would be unstoppable, but you hold back it seems to me my friend. You have all the glory and I am like this guy who is just along for the ride... I am tired of being that guy!"

Spookmeister actually produces a thin smile.

Spook: "As far as I am concerned Jay, we are equal partners in everything we do... you are the one who hasn't reached his full potential... if you had you would be the World Champion by now."

Jay, looking infuriated, responds before Spook can get out another word.

Jay: "Look, Spook! What happened last week just happened to wake me up... I realized that BLOOD is attainable through any means, where you have to really work for your justice. I should be the one the fans can't get enough of!"

Jay stops speaking as Darkani is now seen approaching the scene down the same hallway that Spookmeister came from a few moments ago.

Spook: "So this means we are done then?"

Jay sadistically points at his own head, mirroring where he blasted Spook with the weight last week.

Jay: "When she showed up... that is when we were over... tonight Spook, you can defend those tag titles on your own! I have more BLOOD to extract from Gyalin Reece."

With that simple sentence, Jay Hall turns and walks away from the Spookmeister as Darkani reaches his side... the scene fades.
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Forgiveness???(To be placed right before tag title match)
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