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 Jay's second attack

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Jay's second attack Empty
PostSubject: Jay's second attack   Jay's second attack EmptySun Jun 07, 2015 5:54 am

Gyalin Reece is seen preparing for his next match against Silva... retaping his fists as Silva walks by and then stops for a moment to stare at Gyalin. Reece let's the staredown pass as Silva begins to walk away towards the entrance to the ring just behind the Titantron... before he can make it there however... the sound of fighting catches the attention of Gyalin Reece who stands up from his seated position on a bench that sits next to the concession area, he begins to make his way towards the sound of the scuffle and notices Takeo and Asgard just wailing on Silva. Reece hurriedly grabs Takeo and throws him off of Silva... as he does another figure jumps into the fray, with a barb-wire covered steel chair and smashes it over Reece's back... dropping the champion to a knee. Asgard then turns to face Gyalin Reece and stands him up and then delivers a devastating clothesline that takes the champion down yet again.

By this time, security has interfered and is attempting to end the carnage, only to find themselves out gunned by the triple alliance of Jay Hall, Asgard, and a renewed Takeo... as the over power the remaining security, Jay orders Asgard to stand the champion up as he holds the barb wrapped chair in his hands.

Jay: "Bet you never thought it would end this way huh Reece? I WANT that title and I want your BLOOD, welcome to the nightmare that you have long feared!"

As Asgard and now Takeo hold the champion upright, Jay Hall leans back and swings the steel chair... smashing it across the head of Gyalin Reece. Reece almost falls from the impact, but is still held up by Takeo and Asgard... a small cut slowly appears on the top of Reece's head.

Jay: "Don't you understand yet?! I am going to be the next champion! Not you, not my old partner Spookmeister, and surely not Afterlife! I told you I would make you bleed, I am going to do just that!"

Jay, once again leans back and with even more force than the first time swings the chair and clobbers Reece in the top of the head with it... this time causing a massive gash to open up. Jay smiles at Reece.

Jay: "I told you! I told everybody!"

As Jay leans back again and prepares to swing another figure joins the melee, this one carrying a chair of his own... he swings it at Asgard, knocking him to the floor... Takeo tries to kick the new assailant only to catch a chair shot of his own in gut... he also crumples to the floor.

Jay: "Why are you always here! Wasn't earlier enough for you!"

Jay yells loudly, frustrated that his fun has been interrupted.

Spook: "Jay, you can either stop now or be destroyed now. I am sick of putting up with your whining over this title issue. You couldn't be patient, you couldn't let things fall into place could you? Your impatience will lead to your annihilation my friend."

Spookmeister then swings his chair towards Jay as Mr. Hall does the same... both chairs smash together with a sound of metal, not unlike two cars smashing into one another... Jay drops his chair inadvertantly and then turns away, sprinting down an adjoining corridor. Spookmeister surveys the damage as Asgard and Takeo have both run off by now. he kneels over the motionless body of Gyalin Reece as EMT's make their way to the champion and begin to take care of him.

In another hallway, Jay is seen on a cell phone... he speaks only a few words.

Jay: "It is done."

The scene fades.
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Jay's second attack
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