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 Everybody Knows Trigga

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PostSubject: Everybody Knows Trigga   Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:05 pm

*Before I start the actual RP, I wanna open the show* Any objections
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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Knows Trigga   Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:30 am

OOC: By all means... maybe I can follow up on it, if you leave it open ended.

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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Knows Trigga   Fri Jun 19, 2015 12:31 pm

That's the plan Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Knows Trigga   Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:19 am

Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
Sparks are showering as A7X's Gunslinger plays in the background
Trigga makes his way to the ring

The Crowd is split between boos and cheers as he walks to the ringside. With mic in hand and a grin from ear to ear, Trigga climbs into the ring and waits for the crowd to settle before he speaks.

Trigga: I'm guessing everyone knows my name!

He keeps his smile as the crowd blasts him with Jeers.

Trigga: I can just about hear everyone's thoughts as I proceeded to Buck Shot Spookmeister straight into the mat. It was nothing personal and after what I did to Brando, I'm quite sure everyone got the message... but the beating Brando got, and I do mean beating, was nothing in comparison to not only taking out the International Grand Champion but the Interim World Champion all at the same time.

The crowd is still polarized by the actions of Trigga and react as such

Trigga: Lets just rewind the tape for a brief second. I make my debut only a few weeks ago... Immediately get a match at a major pay per view... and last but not least, in one fell swoop I take down one of the most decorated Champions in this company.  Sounds like one heck of a good month to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Knows Trigga   Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:51 pm

No sooner than Trigga finishes speaking, the Titantron begins to fade in and out with bolts of lightning... followed by the sound of thunder after each individual strike. The rumbling arena, sounds more like a war zone than an entertainment facility... much more like cannons
letting loose than thunder. Finally the Titantron dies down and nothing but static is seen and heard throughout... Trigga stands before the screen awaiting any kind of life, suddenly the crackling of the static stops and a picture makes itself known.

A darkened room, presumably somewhere in the arena... the only visible items are a table, and a doll that resembles Trigga lying upon it. A females voice is then heard all over the arena as Trigga waits and watches.

Darkani: "Well, well... I see the new victim stands before us. The victim who will get to learn what it means to be quashed by the dark energy and the justice that will envelop him. At our last event Trigga, you made a frightful mistake... although you were successful in your dubious ways, you forgot one tiny little detail once you proceeded to begin your assault... you forgot to realize that you cannot defeat something that is eternal, you cannot defeat something which will always resides in men's hearts... that being dark revenge and the dark justice which it accompanies."

Darkani ceases speaking long enough for the crowd to start going crazy, fans throwing up signs that read a great many things, such as... SPOOK is the Master of Darkness, yet others that read... The Next Big Thing, the Spookmeister! But most fans just cheer with a series of JUSTICE chants... Darkani continues...

Darkani: "You see Trigga, these people know... why you cannot is unfortunate. You have awoken a dark and terrible power that no one can stop... the power that was, is, and always will be... the Spookmeister!"

With that, the fans around the arena start a buzz that lasts quite a few minutes... Trigga stands there is sheer amazement at the crowd reaction to the dark warrior of justice. The fans begin their usual chants of SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK, this last several more minutes until the figure of the sorceror of darkness is seen on the Titantron screen.
He takes a seat at the table which lay in the center of the darkened room and then picks up the doll that is meant to represent Trigga... he smiles at it for a moment with a crooked grin upon his face. The crowd finally dies down enough for the Spookmeister to speak.

Spook: "You poor soul, you have no idea what you have unleashed upon yourself. Jay Hall tried everything he could to try and put me down for good, but you see where that got him do you not? Do you just simply not understand how this world works my young friend? Do you not understand the balance that will always remain in place? Do you not believe that actions do not have consequences? I made you something Trigga... do you see this doll I made you? Some would call this a voodoo doll, but I do not believe in voodoo. This is a doll that I made specially for you so that you may gaze upon it and remember what a terrible choice you have made in angering the spirits of darkness and justice."

The fans grow eerily silent, almost hanging on the edges of their seats in anticipation of what will be said next... the lights in the arena then fade to darkness, only the Titantron is visible.

Spook: "Tell me Trigga, surely you do not mean to try and upset the balance? There is one thing that no one can overcome, that is the power of justice... one way or another, everyone gets to feel the power of it. Justice is the one thing that keeps the world from descending into chaos, one does not simply attack someone and get nothing in return. But I think you wanted this my young friend. You wanted to test yourself against a power that you cannot hope to overcome, you wanted to see just how truly powerful you are. I applaud you for that, but what you do not realize is that no matter how many swings you take at the tree of justice... it just will not come down. So, you get to face the full fury of my power... a power that cannot be extinghuished, a power that cannot be put down by anyone who resides here on this planet. I say to you, test yourself... if you prove yourself worthy to me, perhaps I will give you a substantial reward for being so game. Knocking me down is not difficult... it is keeping me down that is the trick. Keep in mind Trigga, I am constant as the northern star!"

The arena completely darkens as the Titantron screen goes black and a rumble of thunder is heard... suddenly four lightning bolts strike the four ring posts and an explosive roll of thunder is heard throughout the arena as the fans chant, SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK. The light suddenly come back up and Trigga looks down at his feet and notices the likeness in doll form to himself at his feet, a voice is then heard.

Darkani: "Run Trigga, for the darkness will overcome you."

The scene fades.
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PostSubject: Re: Everybody Knows Trigga   

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Everybody Knows Trigga
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