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 WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show

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PostSubject: WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show   Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:38 pm

The theme of Graveyard Symphony Blasts threw the arena as a tall dark figure begins to make his way out from backstage as fog fills the arena.The fans all realise who this star is as they cheer loudly.
Lights now come up in dark red and blue showing the dark figure walking down the ramp in all black,sort of a steel outfit and black leather mask.The dark Hair flows down the sides of the mask over the shoulder as he slowly makes his way up and stops just a few meters of the ramp.

RICHARD POTTER:" Ohh here he is, we know how scary the spook guy is but look who's here,the man who almost put our COO  threw tables.! who worked with the spook and his master last sesson, went and worked to throw the Coo and the management last time.

XAVIER LAWSON:" Oh hell yeah, I remember,  and now we have new management what will happen now.

The cold looking figure, gets to the ring and  stars at the inside before making his way up the steps and into the ring as  two thuds of lighting hit the ring posts. the Music stops as Afterlife holds a Mic,the lights still a little low. The fans all cheer chanting (THANK YOU AFTERLIFE...THANK YOU AFTERLIFE...)

Afterlife:" THE LAST TWO SEASONS HAVE BEEN very tough on all of us.. the hole place nearly fell apart and almost made us go under over a greedy. demanding over powered (cencered)!now that cow is gone maybe something different may happen. /color]

The fans all cheer and go wild as they all cheer loudly.

AFTERLIFE:" SO last show last season we saw changes,we saw our wonderful champion nearly killed backstage and almost torn to peace's last few times. But now Afterlife has new plans. Afterlife is going after a championship. however the championship will now be  the world championship[..The title i will go for is..

All the fans simmer own and the place runs silent as afterlife moves around the ring and tilts his head as he removes his hood and looks into the camera.


The fans look shocked as the fans oohhww and the camera moves around the arena and back to the ring.

RICHARD POTTER:"Oh he saying he wants to take on the scary spook? the guy he fought in the ring with to help rid people around here? bad move I think."[/color

XAVIER LAWSON:"Mhh that could be ONE hell of a match man..why doe he not Just go for the gold!"

AFTERLIFE:" Spook I know you are back there holding the title..and i know we have seen eye to eye last time. We have fought well together however when it comes to business then it will be left in the ring..However there is a surprise.. I shall not  be looking for the title shot..Instead ladies and gents i think it is time for you all to see who is under the i am calling out the management to come out on stage."

The crowed all look around and cheer and boo's come from the fans as the lights start fluttering as one after the other the management come out on the stage. Daria Wild, Gm Fred Barns, Gabrielle Vinci,Annabeth Ash, Brittany Wells and Vice President Sara Wood all walk out and stand on the top of the ramp as Afterlife nods in the ring and looks around.

XAVIER LAWSON:" What the hell is all this? he going to turn into a big monster, or has he won the lotto?"

Vice President Sara Wood holds a mic and looks around and then down to the ring before  placing the mic to her mouth.

President Sara Wood:" Ok Mr Afterlife, here we are..And i can tell you the roster is watching before we start and you finish. As you see I am not who you had a problem with and i hope the actions I have taken help satisfy what you and the roster have been put threw. So i warn you now Mr Afterlife, I will not take the action or behaver you had been doing the last two shows is that understood? Because i WILL fire you on the spot?"

The fans boo hearing this as afterlife tilts his head and looks down at the new vice standing on the stage..after a few moments afterlife bows his head and lifts it into a nod.

Afterlife:" I have understood..Now i call you out because i think it is time to see who has been behind the mask..only a handful of people know who it was but I think it is time to bring back a member of the roster here tonight. You see there was a reason i took revenge on that cold hearted lady known as Abigail. I did not just attack her because of her running the place into the ground..I attacked her because she hurt me..I know you all hate her and she has or at least had followers but I had help before spook came along..  so Mr George Howard.Can you come out here!"

The fans all gasp and begin to boo loudly as all the management look confused as Mr Howard Music hits. He walks out from a different door up the top left of the ramp and walks out wearing a dark black 3 peace suit as boos flood the arena loudly. George is followed by three bodyguards as he smiles and looks around the arena and steps up the ramp and turns and stops looking back at all the staff and then makes his way to the ring.

Richard Potter:" No way..what the hell is going on..what is the owner doing here tonight? I though they were like hating each other.!?"

Xavier Lawson:" I really don't this place has really come alive and heated up tonight all the big cats are hear and hey look the big boss man.what he going to say for himself!"

Mr Howard walks into the ring as he looks around and waves to the fans before taking a Mic from the Bodyguard. Mr Howard fixes his suit jacket and goes face to face with Afterlife, looking like they are having a tense stare down. The boos still ring out as everyone is confused till Mr Howard steps back and smiles as he holds his hand out to Afterlife. Afterlife looks down at the hand and then slowly looks to the left at the fans who all chant NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!  bUT AFTER A FEW INTENSE moments Afterlife nods and shakes Mr Howards hand. Everyone now is left shocked as the fans all stop and the place runs silent.. a few murmurs around the fans as Afterlife lifts the mic to his mask and moves back.

:"Afterlife:" I know you are all confused but let us please inform you." .

Before Afterlife can finish Mr Howard places his hand on Afterlife's arm and shakes his head.

Mr Howard:" No..please let me..I think that as the CEO and the chairman of the board I must let our fans know what's been going on.

Afterlife steps back as George places a hand in his pocket and looks around.

Mr Howard:" Ladies and gentlemen. when i first set this federation up, it was meant to be a place of fun, and wrestling. It was for a long time but then there was a little change in management and I left My daughter and Ms Wild in charge. However very soon it became clear that My daughter was undermining Ms Wild and planing stuff behind her back. After She forced the champion into a lot of unneeded and unfair matches and then she forced Mr Alex Riley into a a match ending his careerer..Or so we got you all to think.."

The fans all looked shocked still as all the rest of the arena does.. Mr Howard looks around and smiles..he walked over to Afterlife saying something to him the two men murmur and nod as Mr Howard looks around and steps back a little. Mr Howard raises his hand and places the Mic into his pocket for a moment then taking a breath he walks over to Afterlife and places his hands on his mask, He looks at the fans and slowly starts to remove Afterlife's mask...

EVRYONE Is in shock as the mask comes of reviling Alex Riley under the mask. the hole place goes dead quite as the camera pans around the arena and up at the staff who all looked stunned. Brittany Wells begins to shake her head and holding her mouth. Daria eyes fills with tears But a smile fills her face wide. Freds mouth drops.

Richard Potter:" WHAT!!! are you kidding me..HE IS ALIVE! GEORGE WAS IN ON this the hole dame time! Are you kidding me! Abigail must be spinning at home!"

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PostSubject: Re: WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show   Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:57 am

OOC: Give me a couple of days to respond... got a load going on here at the house.

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PostSubject: Re: WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show   Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:40 am

Anyone else thinking 3 way...
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PostSubject: Re: WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show   Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:00 am

not this time trig mate
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PostSubject: Re: WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show   

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WHO WAS IT REALLY(open to spook and some of the management )to be put in the end of the show
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