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daria anderson Colt taunts champion title
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 Another Interview with Trigga

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Another Interview with Trigga Empty
PostSubject: Another Interview with Trigga   Another Interview with Trigga EmptySat Jun 27, 2015 11:19 am

The camera fades to back stage where Trigga and Jessica Langley are sitting with Mics at the ready in the interview lounge.

Jessica Langley : Let me start off by saying thank you for agreeing to take this interview on such short notice.

Trigga: It's no problem

Trigga looks toward Jessica and winks as he nods his heads. She smiles and goes on with the interview

Jessica Langley: So Trig. Can I call you Trig? You've only been here a short amount of times but you have managed to make some huge waves in thus far. I've personally never seen someone pull such a mixed reaction from the crowd. How are you feeling about all of this.

Trigga snickers under his breath before speaking

Trigga: I Feel Good. I made a statement when I first started. It wasn't long ago so I'm quite sure everyone remembers. and I quote,  you're looking at your next, tag team, international, world champion and I said it as clear as day beforehand that everyone would know my name. The reason the crowd is so twisted is because half of them love the fact that I deliver and the other... Hate what I do to deliver.

He goes to form a word but he is quickly interrupted by Jessica.

Jessica Langley: Speaking of, You attacking Spook was completely unexpected. What drove you to attack Spook, especially seeing as he is currently our International Grand Champion and Interim World Champion.

Trigga: It's for that very same reason that he became a target. I honestly respect Spookmeister and he seems like a nice... Albeit dark and twisted kind of guy, but business is business.

Jessica pauses for a second after Trigga's answer as if a little startled.

Jessica Langley: Even with that being so... Spook definitely had an answer for your challenge and from what I've seen, He is also very capable of delivering on his promises, seeing as he's champion and all.

Trigga sits quietly as Jessica Continues as of deep in thought about the conversation.

Jessica Langley: To be perfectly honest, it seemed like you were even a little scared back there.

Trigga sits up as if enraged but proceeds to speak in a calm voice as if by force.

Trigga: I am not scared of the dark or the master of darkness. Spook is just a man like everyone else and when I aim I don't miss. When I get my match It will end with me as the new champion. BET ON IT!!!

He forms his signature hand cannon and aims at the camera before storming off. Before he is out of camera site he stops and looks down for an exaggerated moment. He scoffs and walks away faster. The camera pans to the ground where Trigga paused to find the same doll that was left in the ring earlier laying prostate on the ground. The camera quickly shuttles back to Jessica who is shrugging her shoulders as the the scene fades to black
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Another Interview with Trigga
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