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 Reaching Its Climax(Open to Mister N)

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PostSubject: Reaching Its Climax(Open to Mister N)   Fri Jul 03, 2015 1:56 am

The lights in the arena start to flicker then go completely out, when they come back on the masked man is sitting in the ring

Masked Man: Hello little stars in the sky. I see your all full of so many dreams like becoming a hero and saving the day. Well too bad this is reality and there is no hero only darkness and me the masked messiah that well save you all from out dreams because dreams are corruption and corruption is never good. I will purify your minds of this thing you called a hero by sacrificing a false hero and save Iwuf. That has been my mission from the very start little stars. All I am doing is saving you from yourselves. Saving you all from these heroes, no these false heroes that are nothing but corruption. I have already sacrifice one false hero or haven't you little stars notice that the Princess hasn't been around. She probably fled back to her country. A horrible country if they got her as a princess. Now let's focus on our second sacrifice Mister N. N our story is coming to it's climax and when it is over I'll show you why you are nothing more than a sacrifice to save this little stars in this big galaxy. N understand this loud and clear! Because you became those who cannot be saved you must sacrifice for those who can be save! So Mister N just give in and it'll all be fine.  
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Reaching Its Climax(Open to Mister N)
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