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 Wait ... isn't that?

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PostSubject: Wait ... isn't that?   Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:04 pm

The camera opens inside what appears to be the back of a limousine. It focuses on a figure sat in front of a man wearing a slick blue waistcoat, white shirt with slim red tie. The man has an infectious smile on his face as he seems to beam at the person sat opposite him. He opens his mouth to speak but is interupted.

Female voice: Not so fast, you owe me big time, I bought you here to be a star and so far you've done absolutely nothing to suggest that it was a good move for us. Don't get me wrong you ARE a big attraction but you CANNOT expect to live off your past glories.

The man smiles his perfect smile as he raises his eyebrows in surprise. He loses his smile as it dawns on him that his ego was just insulted.

Female Voice: Ha exactly what I fought! You don't want to be known as the man that was ... You want to be be known as the man that is. Now I did have grand plans for you and I would have given you everything you ever craved. However you've let me down and you'll now need to prove yourself. Tonight I've seen fit to put you in a match up so you can show me that I wasn't wrong in bringing you here in the first place.

The man's smile returns to his handsome face.

Female Voice: That's the spirit, I want to see that smile on your face as much as every fan here does. They won't have forgotten you just because you're a fraction of the man that you used to be. If you show them the same love and affection that I KNOW you can show then you'll have them eating out the palm of your hands.

The man's cheeks go red at the compliment.

Female Voice: Hehe you never cease to amaze me, you have all these people clamour over you and you still get shy. That's another reason you can be so loved .. You're humble for a man of your stature and that can only be a good thing. I mean hell; what kind of guy goes out there and gives away a £1,000,000 just for the sake of it.

The man's face goes even redder.

Female Voice: There you go again, you are one in a million and it's time that you showed everyone out there and in this Federation exactly what you're made of. You can be a star here if you want to be, you just have to show me you want it. Is that something you can do for me?

The camera moves down slightly as the woman's hand moves to touch the man on the leg, he looks down at it and back up as his cheeks return to their normal colour. His ever present smile remains on his face as he puts his hand on top of hers. He nods slightly as he then takes her hand in his and puts it to his lips. He kisses her gently on the hand as he then turns to grab his suit jacket from hanging on the window rail. He then moves to the other side of the limo as he opens the door and gets out. The woman reaches out to grab his hand as he looks back in.

Female Voice: I knew I could count on you, now go out there and show them how much of an entertainer you are.

The man takes his hand from hers as he climbs out of the limousine. The camera then cuts to the outside of the limo where the man is seen putting on a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Richard Potter: Well Xavier that was all very interesting, I wonder who this guy is? I don't seem to recognise him but it seemed that woman seemed to know him very well.

Xavier Lawson: I know Rich, he does seem familiar but I just cannot place him at the moment. I mean she said he's been here .. So we must know him but I can't say I remember seeing him about. I'm sure I would if I had.

Richard Potter: Would you now Xavier?

Xavier Lawson: Well yeah, you don't get away having a style like that and me not know about it.

Richard Potter: And since when did anyone ever come to you for fashion advice?

Xavier Lawson: Only all the time Rich, maybe if you had some style about you you'd know all about my style tips and secrets.

Richard Potter: Ha please don't embarrass yourself.

He puts on his suit jacket and buttons it up, he then starts whistle the Superman theme tune as he makes his way in to the arena.

Xavier Lawson: Hang on I recognise that tune he's humming.

Richard Potter: Me too Xavier ... Wait isn't that?

The camera cuts to a break.
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Wait ... isn't that?
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