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 spook I am calling you out

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PostSubject: spook I am calling you out   Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:12 am

A blaze of glory hits as The fans have a mixed reaction to Alex Riley now coming out now as Riley makes his way out with a leather silver studded biker coat and a black bandana. getting to the ring and under the ropes holds the mic as the crowed simmer down.

ALEX RILEY:" I understand that some of you are still pissed with me. and now last week i saw that evil (CENCERED) came back again last week thinking she can take over the god dame show!

Some of the fans boo as he mentions her and he looks around and brings the mic back

ALEX RILEY:" But thats not what i am out here for.I am out here to say that SPOOK you have been avoiding me ever scene i got back bro and I am after that title and if you like it or not it will be mine. So keep it All shiny for me becasue i am coming for it..And maybe..just maybe il go after gylians Title two and that's the way shit is going to go down!"

Alex throws the mic out of the ring as the fans still have a mixed reaction as the camera fades
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spook I am calling you out
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