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 The conversation

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PostSubject: The conversation   The conversation EmptyFri Jul 17, 2015 12:55 pm

The camera fades to the office of Fred Barnes. Fred is diligently working on paper work at his desk when he hears the rustle of the doorknob. before he can answer, the door flies open to reveal Trigga who rushes in the room and has a seat. Disgusted by the rudeness, Fred turns away from Trigga and goes back to his paper work.

Trigga: We need to talk

Fred doesn't respond and continues to deal with his work at hand. Trigga smiles while looking directly at his GM before speaking again.

Trigga: I've been here a for minute now and I haven't gotten a Title shot yet. I've beaten enough people to a pulp to at least be credible and I knocked the snot out of our Interim World Champion & International Grand Champion. I don't know about anyone else but I believe that should put me in for a #  1 contender position at the very least....

He pauses

Trigga: although I would gladly take the championship right here and right now.

Fred Barnes looks up from his paperwork in aggravation. He is clearly frustrated by the intrusion, although Trigga seems unfazed and continues to smile as if he did nothing wrong.

Fred Barnes: So you want a shot at the International Tag Team champions, or maybe the World Champion and International Grand Champion. Wait, I know. You want a shot at the International World Champion right. Well you haven't earned jack squat. I don't care how many times you get in front of the camera and make you little hand sign, or how many people you can piss off in the course of a day. If you want a shot then by all means prove it to me. Win your match today and then come talk to me.

Trigga reveals a huge grin and begins to walk out. Fred Barness stops and looks down at his paperwork briefly before he looks up again just as Trigga opens the door.


Trigga closes the door and the camera fades to black as Fred goes back to his work.
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The conversation
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