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 Who's in Charge? (Any available spaces)

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Monkonro Jr.

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Who's in Charge? (Any available spaces) Empty
PostSubject: Who's in Charge? (Any available spaces)   Who's in Charge? (Any available spaces) EmptyMon Jul 20, 2015 4:54 am

A young man in a suit and tie,also wearing sunglasses impatiently begins to pace up and down outside the gm's office anxiously but without giving out any look of anxiety. He eventually stops and walks towards the door about to knock when he hears footsteps from behind him. The Camera turns to Daria Wilde who is now standing behind the man.

Daria:Wait, i don't know you.. at all. Your about to step into my office without knocking that's not on here. What do you want?  

He turns around and takes off his sunglasses.

???: The names Monkonro, Jr. to be exact and i have a feeling you won't be forgetting that name. But you can call me Matt

He smiles at Daria charismatically, However, her facial expression refuses to change. He then frowns as he see's her face in dismay.

Daria: I asked you what do you want not who you were so hurry up and answer my question before i dismiss you.

He frowns and begins to get serious.

Monkonro Jr.:I was recently hired and came to see who was in charge i'm guessing you are?

Daria: I'm CAO

Monkonro Jr.:So your Daria Wilde well you are certainly in charge.

With that last note Matt puts on his sunglasses and walks by a confused Daria Wilde and back to the parking lot.

Daria: Wait......what's that supposed to mean? Matt get back here.

She shakes her head turns back and walks into he office mumbling under her breath.
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Who's in Charge? (Any available spaces)
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