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anderson title champion Colt taunts daria
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 I need those feelings [RP 3 - Just before end of show]

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I need those feelings [RP 3 - Just before end of show] Empty
PostSubject: I need those feelings [RP 3 - Just before end of show]   I need those feelings [RP 3 - Just before end of show] EmptyThu Jul 23, 2015 8:10 pm

The camera opens in the GM's office. Daria Wilde is seen sat on the edge of her desk. It appears she has just come off a call as she takes her mobile phone from her ear and looks at it before putting it down on the desk. She places her hands on the desk; either side of her body as she leans her head back and starts to laugh. She then lowers her head as she steps from the desk. She walks round to the side with her chair and sits down. She then reaches in to one of the draws and takes out a canter filled with an amber liquid. She proceeds to place two glasses on the table as she pours out the amber liquid. She places the canter down and as if on cue a knock is heard at the door. She glances off screen as the door opens; someone stands behind the door off camera as Daria starts to speak.

Daria Wilde: "That was quick, I wasn't expecting you quite so soon".

The figure must motion to the two glasses on her table as she looks down at them, she picks one of them up and returns her stare to the open door.

Daria Wilde: "I said I was expecting you, hence the two glasses just not so soon. I thought I would have more time to formulate my speech but alas here you are".

A laugh is heard from the door as Daria remains seated holding out the glass.

Daria Wilde: "Well are you going to come in and take this off me or do I have to drink both of these by myself?"

The laugh cuts off as the figure enters the room. The figure is dressed in a slim blue suit, with a white shirt and slim red tie. The figure walks to the desk and takes the offered drink, he then sits down and smiles his perfect smile at Daria before Jeremy Danielson takes a sip of his drink. Daria picks up her drink as they both stare at each for a moment, a smile spreads slowly spreads across Daria's lips as she takes another sip of her drink; all the while remaining eye contact.

Daria Wilde: "I can certainly see what all the fuss is about over you Jeremy .. It's a bit more .. How can I say it? .. Real in the flesh I suppose".

Jeremy laughs as he takes a sip of his drink. For the first time since he entered the room he takes his eyes off Daria to look at the amber liquid in his drink.

Daria Wilde: "You lost something in there?"

She says as she laughs the last part of her sentence. Jeremy then returns his eyes to hers.

Jeremy Danielson: "No Daria, I was simply admiring the drink, what is that? I will have to get myself some. Just when you think life can't get any better you manage to find something that takes your breath away".

Daria lets out a short laugh.

Daria Wilde: "Hah I get exactly what you mean Jeremy".

A smirk appears on her face as she eyes Jeremy up and down before returning her gaze to his.

Jeremy Danielson: "Your phone call sounded like you needed me urgently?"

It's Daria's turn to look away from Jeremy and in to her glass as she bits her bottom lip.

Jeremy Danielson: "Have you lost something in there Daria?"

Jeremy laughs as Daria continues to stare at the glass. She stops biting her lip and soon returns her attention to Jeremy.

Daria Wilde: "I was just collecting my thoughts. You know Jeremy I've been drinking this for some time and I can honestly say that I've never really thought much about the taste". She returns her attention to the glass for a moment. "You see that's how I've felt about you Jeremy".

Jeremy losses his perfect smile as he seems puzzled.

Jeremy Danielson: "What you see me as something to admire?"

Daria continues to stare at the contents of the glass.

Daria Wilde: "Not quite Jeremy .. Though there may be time for that at some poin .. ". She cuts herself off as she suddenly looks to Jeremy as her cheeks start to go red. "I didn't realise I'd said that out loud. This is a little awkward ..".

Jeremy laughs as he takes another sip of his drink.

Daria Wilde: "What I actually meant by it Jeremy is that I realised you were here". She waves her hand around the room. "But I honestly forgot that you WERE here. You see I like men of action and that's something that has been lacking from you for quite some time. I noticed you here and there and I certainly noticed the ratings increases from having you in this company but .. until now I haven't actually noticed that you've been here. Last week that changed, tonight that changed again".

Jeremy smiles at her as Daria again looks to the contents of her glass as she starts to swirl the liquid inside.

Jeremy Danielson: "As much fun as it is to sit here and enjoy fine drink and a fine women I fail to see the reason I'm here".

Daria stops swirling her drink but continues to stare at it.

Daria Wilde: "It seems with you that may be there the similarities stop. I have to say that I like this drink very much but I have warmed to you quite the same".

Jeremy Danielson: "Yet".

Daria suddenly looks up from her glass and meets Jeremy's gaze, she smiles to herself as she moves the glass to her lips and downs the remaining liquid before setting it down and refilling it. She offers it to Jeremy but he shakes his head.

Daria Wilde: "I should feel offended at your decline but I don't Jeremy, you have something unique about you and I can only assume that's why Abigail has taken a shine to you. It seems I might have missed a beat there but none the less I wanted to see what it is she sees in you and I have to say I see something special. I am interested to know exactly what that woman is planning with you but I can't quite get a read on that".

Jeremy Danielson: "I have to admit I'm not one hundred percent sure myself, all I do know is that we share the same goals at the moment and I sort her out as she seems in the best place to help me get where and what I want. I do feel somewhat aggrieved at her decision not to try and get me a title match for one of the vacant titles tonight but I guess I've only got myself to blame for that one".

Daria Wilde: "Maybe not, I had something to do with that but I needed to see what you are made of Jeremy, I need to see how far you are willing to go here. I don't want to have a Champion that can't defend his title week in week out. It's all about the fighting Champion here and I can't and won't have it any other way. You prove to me you can do that you can have everything you want .. And mark my words you don't need Abigail in your corner for that".

Jeremy loses his smile as he seems to ponder Daria's words.

Daria Wilde: "On a side note Jeremy I am interesting in knowing why side it you've picked, care to share?"

Jeremy looks up at Daria.

Jeremy Danielson: "I can see that I have a lot to prove to you and to everyone here. I need to prove that I am a fighting man and I need to prove that to myself more than anyone. I need to feel that feeling I used to get when climbing in to that ring. I need to feel the same feelings I used to get when the crowd are chanting your name as you raise that belt above your head. I need to feel that feeling you get when you know you are the best you can be and I need to get those feelings back now. I'm back here and I'm back to stay. There are plans afoot to get me where I need to be and those plans were thought out long before I sat here talking to you".

Daria Wilde: "Nice to see you didn't answer my question, I guess I'll have to wait till you're ready to spill the beans. As for these PLANS you say you have; it'll be interesting to see just what these are. I said last week Abigail will always be lurking and this time it's no different, it seems she's found her puppet and it just be the best puppet she's found but I still wouldn't trust you Jeremy. That's something you have to earn around here".

Jeremy stares at her a moment before his perfect smile returns. Daria eyes his coolly as smile slowly spreads across her lips.

Daria Wilde: "That smile is most certainly infectious Jeremy".

Jeremy Danielson: "It doesn't hurt I suppose. I know I can't get you to trust me overnight but I will get you to trust me and Abigail is someone I can certainly handle. I haven't told you whose side I'm on but you will find out soon enough. For now though I think I need to get out of here. Too much drink makes me a sucker in the morning".

Jeremy places his empty glass on the table and stands as Daria stands as well. She walks round the desk and comes to stand in front of Jeremy. She again looks him up and down before offering her hand. Jeremy takes it and presses it delicately to his lips. Daria blushes as he lets go of her hand.

Daria Wilde: "Ever the gentlemen I see".

Jeremy smiles his perfect smile.

Jeremy Danielson: "You haven't seen anything yet .. And you call me JD .. Everyone else does".

With that he gives her a wink and turns on his heals. He walks off camera leaving Daria standing alone. She again bits her bottom lip as she stares after him. She mumbles to herself.

Daria Wilde: "I see what all the fuss is about. I think I'm going to enjoy him being around more ... Which reminds me I've got some plans to make".

With that Daria snaps out of her raver as she turns around and looks for her mobile where she left it on the desk. She looks around as she doesn't spot it, she then turns around in a circle before coming to a stop at the desk Jeremy had just vacated. She leaned over and picked up her phone as then taps it against her lip as the camera fades to black.
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I need those feelings [RP 3 - Just before end of show]
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