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 Logan Acid's Bio

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PostSubject: Logan Acid's Bio   Logan Acid's Bio EmptySat Jul 19, 2014 5:46 pm

Real Name: Logan West

Ring Name: Logan Acid

Nicknames: "The Great", "The Most Feared Submissionist in Professional Wrestling", "The Master of the Acid Lock", "The Best Wrestler on the Planet", "The Leader Of The Ruthless Generation"

Hometown:  Detroit, Michigan

Entrance Theme: "King Of My World" by Saliva

Allies: Mick Malone (Manager), Robert Bledsoe (Trainer)

Enemies: N/A

Weight: 257 lbs

Build: Muscular Technician

Fighting Out Of: Detroit, Michigan

Alignment: Heel

Detailed Alignment: An intimidating, fearless competitor who will go through anyone or do anything to achieve success and make it to the top.

Bio: When Logan was a baby his first words were "Triangle Choke". He learned how to wrestle before he learned how to walk because he knew wrestling was in his blood. Once he was older he spent 20 years searching the world to master martial arts and wrestling. When he was in Japan he learned a deadly hold called the "Japanese Choke". It is applied when the attacking wrestler grabs the grounded opponent`s arm then wraps his legs around the opponent`s throat and pulls the arm back while squeezing the throat making it hard for the opponent to breathe. He adopted this move and calls it Flesh Eating Acid. Also when he was in China he learned a deadly kick called the "Chinese Death Kick". It is executed when the attacking wrestler jumps then spins 360 degrees to the side and kicks the opponent on the back of the skull. He adopted this move and calls it the Acid Death Kick. Later while training with his trainer Robert Bledsoe & current manager, Mick Malone, he was taught a very effective submissive maneuver known as the "Gogaplata Choke". He calls it the "Acid Lock." He used his new-found skill set to gain fame as one of the most lethal MMA fighters in MMA history before learning professional wrestling was his destiny. He went on to gain fame & glory in numerous federations, most notably International Wrestling Association, before deciding to join IUWF. He has now come to IUWF with Mick Malone and dangerous moves in his arsenal, and has specific goals to accomplish: win titles, make money, end careers, and take over IUWF. "Love Me or Hate Me, Watch Out IUWF Here Comes Logan Acid!!!"

Entrance: "King Of My World" by Saliva blasts through the IUWF speakers and throughout the arena as Logan Acid makes his way through the entrance curtain and pauses at the top of the stage with his arms raised in the air while being accompanied by his manager Mick Malone.
Logan is wearing a sleeveless, black t-shirt that says "ACID" in bold, light green letters going horizontally across the front of the shirt and "BEST ON THE PLANET" in bold, light green letters going horizontally across the back of the shirt.
Logan also has white tape wrapped around both of his hands, black elbow pads, black knee pads, black wrestling boots, and long MMA shorts with the right side being white and the left side being black
"LOGAN" in bold, black letters is vertically going down the white, right side and "ACID" in bold, white letters is vertically going down the black, left side of the MMA shorts and "BOTP" (Best On The Planet) in bold, white letters is horizontally spelled at the top of the back of his MMA shorts

Ring Announcer: "Introducing from Detroit, Michigan, Weighing in at 257 lbs, 'The Great' Looooggggan Aaaaacccciiid!!!"

Logan saunters down the ramp but pauses again on the center of the ramp and raises his arms in the air with an arrogant smile on his face while staring up at the ceiling as a golden spark shower rains down from the TitanTron onto the entrance stage in the background.
Then he continues to stroll down the ramp with arrogance and avoids the reaching hands of fans & children from the audience then he ascends the steel steps and slowly walks onto the ring apron while glaring at the audience before he enters the ring.
He climbs one of the turnbuckles while staring at the ceiling once again as another golden spark shower starts to pour down into the ring in his background as he listens to boos from the audience then he drops down and takes off his shirt.
Mick Malone stays on the inside of the ring as Logan Acid's entrance video, highlighting numerous accomplishments in his career, plays on the IWA TitanTron

Accomplishments: 1x HMW Rockstar Champion, 1x FRW Tag Team Champion (w/ Kyle Richards), 2x FWE World Heavyweight Champion, 1x IWA Global Tag Team Champion (w/ Kyle Richards), 1x (Final) IWA Unified Termination Champion, 1x IWA Match of the Season Award (CITC Ladder Match)
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Logan Acid's Bio
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