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 So your Him then

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PostSubject: So your Him then   Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:20 pm

The lights flash as a add starts on the screen showing a unknown wrestler starting of in the gym,doing situps and pushups As cometary starts in the background

UNKNOWN WRESTLER"All my life i have always trived for the best,always trying to bring the best out of me and to give my all.I eat right,go to mass every sunday and train 4 hours every day". :

The camera then shows a clip of the wrestler playing football in college throwing the ball on the field and doing training with his old team mates

UNKNOWN:"I came 4th in college football trials and did not stop till i was made captain,whats this to do with wrestling you ask? well its simple"

THE camera then moves back to the unknown wrestler in black and blue pants,shoulder length hair standing with his hands on his hips looking down at a tilted camera

ALEX:"I am Alex Riley and i am here to be the best in wrestling"

Just then The P.A systems start playing as blaze of glory starts blasting out threw.a series of coloured spotlights creates a terrific lightshow,Sparks are showering as Alex Riley makes his way to the ring
mounting a custom chopper with some fog surrounding the ramp.
The camera shows riley then cuts over to the fans who look at the new star and clap but yet unsure as he has not yet fought.

The camera then cuts over to the announce team who smile and talk with each other till they look to see the camera on them

Xavier Lawson:"So this is our new kid on the block hey? we have not seen this guy before,what you make of him rich?

Richard Potter:"As of yet i don't have a clue but either does the crowed.We will just have to wait and see..

The new man is now inside the ring and up on one of the corners with his arms out smiling,after a few moments hi runs to the opposite corner and does the same to a few cheers of the crowed.getting down he smiles and flicks back his hair over his shoulders..The camera shows him standing there with a black 90s biker jacket with gold studs all over it,reflecting beautifully in the lights of the arena..Also having black leather pants with short tassels of it and black boots.As he grabs the mick some big signet rings are seen on his right hand.

A-RIDE:"HELLO THERE EVERYBODY! wow.. man i saw this place on t.v so many times but NEVER have i thought i would step foot inside this beautiful ring with all you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE"

The fans all roar as the camera pans around the huge arena and then pan back to riley whose smiling standing in the middle of the ring ,still looking around in awe.

A-RIDE:"Ok but now really..ah like the video said i am Alex Riley and what you just saw up there is what you get down here.There is nothing scripted about me man, its not a persona,a second personality its really me and tonight will be the night i get to show all of you guys what i can bring to the table or in this case a ring!

Alex stops and thinks for a moment tossing back some hair and looks around blowing kisses at the ladies in the front row

A-RIDE:"yes ladies,I am single..woo! but really i want to thank am,? the gms and the ceo and the board for bringing me in here and giving me this chance and i hope i don't let you down.And you know how when you read the blogs about the company and its like the board of directors are very tough in there decisions.?ya well thats not true..THERE worse,.(he jokes)"so Lets get this show on the road, who ever i face here tonight, i will beat you down and i will leave my mark here tonight"

Alex trows down the mic as he stares into the camera and shakes his hips at the crowed as it pulls back and fades
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So your Him then
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