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 Semifinals Grand Title

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PostSubject: Semifinals Grand Title   Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:18 pm

After a match in the arena, wiggy decided to stay for awhile in the locker room just for a snap out of time.

Trainer: Heyya! wiggy, we got a call back at the gym pal, they say they are looking up for title matches. Weird is they got your name on the list they want you on that ring.

Wiggy smirk with his grin face and stood up against the wall and start talking to himself

Trainer:whats Weird of it all is that they want it with fresh faces in the industry such us your appearance it seems they notice your fragile face. What do you think eh?

Still wiggy stood there talking to himself all the way from looking at bottom until to the TOP of the ceiling...

Trainer: HEY! dummy you know who they think that can match up with you? the guy named ... Creptix Awert

wiggy laugh.. then turn his head to his trainer and said..

I had a bit of chance and a lot of mistakes before.. NOW i want to prove to it all that i can bit no just LOW mid show but also TITLE shows. THAT Creptix! send it to them that we accept there offers. Gladly accept it.

slam the door of his locker and pass through his trainer.. an awaited moments came to his toughts

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Semifinals Grand Title
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