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 Whoever strikes first

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Whoever strikes first Empty
PostSubject: Whoever strikes first   Whoever strikes first EmptySat Aug 02, 2014 7:08 am

The camera pans around in the locker room and then stops as the sight of Jessica Langely and Ares is clear.

Jessica Langely: Hello everyone, I am with the new and the future of IUWF, Ares!

Ares: You're right Jessica.

Jessica Langely: As the new face of this company Ares, how do you feel about the chance of getting your first champ in IUWF if you win your match tonight?

Ares: Of course I am excited Jessica, every matches are like a ladder to me. I win one match and I aim for a bigger dream. Tonight, I promise all the fans that I am getting my first champ. After that, I will move on to IUWF champ and I wish a good luck to the current IUWF champ because he will really needs that luck when he faces me.

Jessica Langely: I hope you a good luck Ares. Last question, how do you feel about your last match against Logan Acid and all his talks?

Ares: To me, Jessica, he is just a one little fella who tries to seek my attention. Real man doesn't run away from his match. He must keeps on fighting even if he loses. Logan Acid isn't that man to me. On every company, you will have people who love you and those who hate you. They will keep on doing everything to make you fall. But ,Jessica, I am not that naive. I am a fast and dangerous wrestler who will attack those people before they even get their hands on me. Logan Acid should be worrying about himself, not me.

Ares smiles and walks away.

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Whoever strikes first
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