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 Number 1 Contender for Union Title by Wiggy Doggie

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Gyalin Reece

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PostSubject: Number 1 Contender for Union Title by Wiggy Doggie   Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:20 am

The arena is setting up as a few hours to go the seats are slowly getting in full with audience that are exacting to see the said event. As the Camera rolls up to cover the huge background of the arena it slowly moves to cover slowly the whole center of the ring then slow one time runs towards counter clockwise to view the audience excitement and Sympathy to the events show. Then slowly covers down to the ramp area where to cover a full view of the Interviewers Jessica Langley's amazing vital stats as she starts with a wink to the camera and starts to greet everyone with a hype.

Jessica Langely: Hello Great week guys as we end up with another weeks events starting for a few block of inexperience fighters up to the most awaited ones. Starts with the contenders block guys we got couples of people back there in top what i was trying to say is that there are contenders fighters on the GRAND TITLE match might as well not to mention the UNION TITLE match. We know who I am talking about. The Bone Crusher is said to match up against with killer 1 as they both got lot of experience now on the ring. Also not the mention the upcoming virtue fighters in the contender match in UNION TITLE WiggyDogie is said to match up with Big Snow. We know that Wiggy....

As Jessica Langely talking to the camera, A loud stream of sounds starting to cover the whole scene of the arena. A huge crowd of boos and yehey are starting to start up the arena....

Jessica Langely: WOW ... the Arena is about to be broken guys as it started to shows its crowd. As I said a while ago Wiggy Dogie got his chance to prove himself of worthy to holds a title show as well as be given the chance to be the said the NUMBER 1 contender ....

backstage ramp starts to shower it lightining!!! and the crowd shows more extensive CROWD now.. Slowly on the big scream a Butchers knife starting to show off. Over to the backstage ramp a big screen starts to show some butcher stuff and some clown profolio. As it center there attention to the one and only Wiggy Dogie Identity. Over down the ramp the wrestler starts to show himself along with his trainor as Wiggy Dogie waving his hands to the crowd and a loud noise of BOOS can be hear all along...

Jessica Langely: OH my GOD! the number one contender of the UNION TITLE is about to make his appearance for the very first time. But with guys this is not suppose his fight schedule. Wait i Have to get this chance to get up close and interview the said contender. I will have to come closer stay with me as this moment we all have been waiting for.

Then Jessica Langely starts to walk back towards the ramp to the backstage as the camera starts to roll over to the center of the ramp to cover the whole scene the slowly focusing to the appearance of the said contender. Center to the face down to the mid section then back to his face and to cover up Jessica Langely in the background pose, As Langely starts to talk she gives wiggy a mic and...

Jessica Langely: Hello Sir! whats UP! How do you find yourself now that you have been given a chance to show up again on the RING but this TIME having a chance to be given a TITLE HOLDER. How can you Describe yourself as you and Big Snow are going to fight out?

The Crowd has been heavier now as they been waiting for the match to start up. Wiggy Dogie Grabs the mic and raise his left hand to the crowd from left to right showing off the audience to give him a chance to say clearly as they are still walking and nearly approaching the ring ..

Wiggy Dogie: HELLLLL-LO, Now is my time to show off the real deal on who is he up to whoop whoop!

THE crowd is now in the minimal volume now and after wiggy share his view he gives his mic to his trainor and starts to grab the rope and as he was to go inside the ring now a loud music had appeared to the crowd! lightning and smoke are start to show up all over the place as a huge white smokey smoke covers the ramp. They all get there attention now as they look all to the ramp and the camera are full viewing the whole scene of the backstage entrance to the ramp and....


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Number 1 Contender for Union Title by Wiggy Doggie
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