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daria title Colt taunts anderson champion
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 Eat fresh subway

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Eat fresh subway Empty
PostSubject: Eat fresh subway   Eat fresh subway EmptySun Aug 03, 2014 3:50 pm

* Cameras catch up to athyz outside of the arena, as athyz is walking over to get a hot dog... He pay the guy for two hot dogs and begin to eat one.... The look on his face is total enjoyment..... athyz eats all of the first hot dog..... *


athyz: " Wow!! That was one great hot dog..... I'm so glad that I bought two.... And now on for you baby..... "

* athyz grabs the second hot dog and as he brings the dog to his lips, he licks his lips.... His mouth is watering..... athyz goes to take his first bite of the second hot dog........

                               WHAM!!!! OUT OF NOWHERE A MASKED MAN BLIND SIDES Athyz HITTING HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A METAL PIPE..... THE MASKED MAN MOTIONS TOWARD A VAN SITTING NEAR BY.... THE BACK DOORS OPEN AND OUT JUMP FIVE MORE MASKED MEN..... THE SECOND MAN leaps towards his ATHYZ catching him in the mid section, performing a devastating Diving Spear.... THE THIRD GUY grabs ATHYZ on the ground by the head with both hands
and raises him and nobbles ATHYZ down with the head on the ground executing a Incredible Two Handed Face Buster.... THE FOURTH MAN PICKS UP A LIMP ATHYZ , THE MASKED MAN jumps sideways kicking
and hits ATHYZ to the base of the neck with as violent Enziguiri Kick....ATHYZ HAS A CUT!!! THE FIFTH GUY SO QUICK AND BEFORE ATHYZ'S LIFELESS BODY COULD HIT THE GROUND hits his face with an Fantastic Ear Slap showing no respect... THE LAST GUY LOOKS AT THE LIFELESS BODY AND LAUGHS...... THE LAST GUY BENDS DOWN TO ATHYZ'S BODY.... TAKES OFF HIS MASK....... AND IT ..... *

(pic )

Buiza: " Eat fresh  like Jarrod "
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Eat fresh subway
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