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 Gemma sits with Riley

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PostSubject: Gemma sits with Riley   Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:22 pm

The camera pans into a room where Gemma Gold is sitting across from Alex Riley. Gemma wears a little read outfit and black boots and Riley has a a black T-shirt and black jeans and black boots.

Gemma Gold:"First off thank you Alex for this sit down interview and welcome.

A-Ride:"Thank you and you look great by the way,great to be here"

Gemma smiles and blushes and she nods in a thank you way and flicks back some of her hair.

Gemma Gold:"Thank you,so first of,your new and been here a short time but how do you think its been going right now?"

The camera moves towards Riley who smiles and folds his arms and thinks for a moment

A-Ride:"Well look what can i say,i have been here what a short time and i am really really loving it ya know,ahh ya i mean its really tough with the training 5 days a week and the on air shows and all that but wow it really is worth it, its what i want to do and i am kicking ass and hope it may continue."[/i]

Gemma Gold:"What got you into wrestling cause you were on like the collage football team first right?"

A-Ride:"Ya i was am, well it dried up the team got older other guys came in and i moved out ya know..ahh i was doing great but got injered and had to take some time of so i trained in mixed Fighting arts and one day i was seen by a guy called called jimmy Contain whose now my manager and he said hey kid you ever think of going into the wrestling business? and i said what me,.ah no not really, i watched it sure but never thought ya that's what i want,cause i wanted to be in like a bike gang or ah the movies ya know *laughs* but ah he said ya know what come down to the training center and see how you get on so i did and ya loved it, trained and worked out and man it just really took a hold of me so i said hell ya i really like this so done some amateur shows and jimmy was like ya know what i think i will stick with ya kid and show you the way,ya know and i thought wow that would be great cause he was like known as the slick town rat in the mid 80's and after he retired opened the wrestling school so he really thought me a lot so i am so glad he did stay with me."

Gemma nods and smiles as the camera shows here for a moment

Gemma Gold:"So after coming here you had a debut match, won that and now your teaming with Bone Crusher,how do you find the whole thing with the company and teaming with Bone?"

A-Ride:"Well what can i say, after getting here looking around talking to the guys and all i just could not believe my look,as a rookie its the big step for a guy like me right, but stepping out for the first time i knew i had my entrance to do but for a second i was stuck to the spot looking around the arena and the crowed, the lights, sound everything,it just blew me away and it does overnight i fight and go out there. AAh..I mean there's so much going on,like back stage that the fans don't see but i had to meat with this guy and that one and all and i have to say all the managers and the gm,s and all are really great.Even Gyalin Reece, Its so hard to get to see the guy but call him and pitch an idea and he will listen and say ya know what il think about it or no that won't work ..ya know but he is so hard working,so dedicated always thinking always working the angles and it shows overnight here in palm beach.Him and the hole team from the cleaners to the top brass all are so great here and the roster also.But ya working With Mr.Crusher is wonderful,i mean the guys a powerhouse,you really have to see him in the flesh,i mean t.v puts like 5 pounds on ya but to see this man work out in the gym or in the ring hes like so so big..i feel like a lolly pop stick beside the guy.*laughs and brushes back some hair* I asked him to help me get a foothold in the company and to be known and he has done that, i got his back and he has mine and we think its great for business and the fans think so to."

Gemma:"So your contract is nearly up,will you resign?"

A-Ride:"oh god hell ya i hope so,if the company wants me i will,and if and when i do myself and bone crusher will win gold and keep doing what we do kicking ass and not taking names."

The camera pans back to show the side of the two people

Gemma:"Well thank you and i hope you have a new contract.thank you for the interview"

Alex smiles and shakes hands with gemma as the camera fades
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Gemma sits with Riley
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