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 To you my people (on mobile again ) free to jump in peeps.

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PostSubject: To you my people (on mobile again ) free to jump in peeps.   Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:57 pm

The lights flash and the crowd go wild as the arena lights dim.The tron lights flash as the theme. Blaze Of glory hits threw the P.A system. Coming down on the ramp.A-ride comes out on his custom chopper. Revving the engine twice.The camera moves towards A-ride,who wears his customized leather jacket .His dark aviators on his head and a black and blue bandanna on his head.Slowly he starts of down the ramp and makes his way to the ring.The crowd cheer as he now moves around the ring twice,slapping the fans hands as he drives around the ring.Parking the bike over beside the announce table he gets of and raises his hands before taking a mic and going up the steps to the ring,in between the ropes and smiles looking around at the cheering fans.Waiting a few moments he looks at his title, places it on his shoulder and raises the mic to his mouth as he stands in the middle of the ring.Waiting as the tune fades A-Ride puts the mic to his mouth

A-RIDE:"Last week I said on camera  that who ever was brave enough  to come after our title..and when I say our I mean you..and me!"

The crowed  cheer chanting a rides name as some heckled  been fans of the other power struggling manager.

A-RIDE:" That's right our title because it's you guys who come here and pay hard earned cash to see me and the other guys back there."

Alex nods and fixes his title as he moves around the ring for a moment and looks at the fans signs and places the mic back to his mouth.

A-RIDE:" This title means I can cash in and go for the big prise but I won't  do that...just yet.What I wanted to tell you is about my match last week. I told you I would brake you're  spine? What I do!? I busted his face and broke him up all over the place..But what happened  after??.."

The fans chant IWF. .IWF. .as Alex looks up at the big screen. The crowed quite down as footage of the match last week plays.

the iconic jon can't resist anymore and taps out!!
the match cannot end with a submission!
Alex Riley releases his grasp
Alex Riley carries the iconic jon close to the ambulance
Alex Riley straps the iconic jon on the stretcher
Alex Riley loads the stretcher on the ambulance
Alex Riley shuts both ambulance doors
Alex Riley gets into the driver's seat conducing the ambulance in the backstage!..After the camera fades it changes to back stage were Riley gets out and rubs back his hair. Six medics open the back to find iconic jon screaming in real pain. The camera follow's  the medics as they climbed inside tending to him before a doctor is heard saying that he was to be taken to hospital.That his back could be really hurt. The camera then shows A-Ride throwing  the title over his shoulder and walking away as the screen goes black. Meanwhile  back in the arena  some fans are heard booing as Riley shrugs.

A-RIDE:" Abigail I hope you saw that darling  because it was YOU that done that to our "new" want to bully me and the championship  Gyalin and use us as your play things?? Well that is what will happen!".

Alex frowns  and lefts his head in the air before looking back down to the title in his shoulder and to the fans as he stands in the middle of the ring.

A-RIDE:" Told you who really  is in charge around here babe..and will fight with my wrestling  brothers on team Daria to make sure it stays like Abigail. .don't. .. (cencered ) with me ya hear!? As for you Brittany. Great body but girl I think god forgot to give your mouth a stop butten..:"

Some of the fans oohhh! As Riley  drops the mic and goes to leave the ring.
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To you my people (on mobile again ) free to jump in peeps.
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