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 I've got the beast in my site.

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I've got the beast in my site. Empty
PostSubject: I've got the beast in my site.   I've got the beast in my site. EmptyThu Jan 29, 2015 2:07 am

*The arena dims to darkness, while audience turn the flashlight on their phone on and wave it above their heads. A red reticle appears on the titantron, and Play for Keeps by B.o.B starts to echo around in the arena. Erebos steps from backstage with a young man wearing a suit carrying a bottle of wine, hyping the crowd before doing his typical entrance to the ring. He takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. He sounds very sarcastically excited.

Erebos: "IUWF! Welcome to the worlds best show that can only be viewed if you speak english!"

*Erebos uses air quotations over the words 'worlds best show'. His fake happiness is suddenly shut off, visible as his smile wipes off his face.*

Erebos: "Now I have convinced Mr. Barnes to give me a match tonight. But I don't get to take out not one target tonight, no, no, no. See I will be able to take out little street thugs that my associates put a very low price on, and I see why.

*Erebos makes a hand gesture towards the young man he was accompanied to the ring by, and he removes a roll of US Dollars. He hands the money to Erebos, who removes five $100 bills from the stack, and gives them to the man. Erebos then sniffs the money while he runs it by his mouth.*

Erebos: "No talent, and no reason to be in IUWF. Other then money, of course. They'd probably be on the streets begging or end up being in the mafia. Don't get me wrong though, Fred. I didn't just want this match for the money, I wanted the match so I could come out here and prove that you're just a little puppet."

*Erebos stares into the camera and laughs. The young man steps beside Erebos with a wine glass, and he pours the drink and hands it to his employer. Erebos takes a sip from the drink, smiles at the camera, and makes a move to exit the ring.*

Fred Barnes: "Calm down there, Erebos. You don't need to leave the ring. In addition to the match you'll have later tonight, you seem more then ready to have a match right now."

*Erebos looks around in panic, shoving the young man out of the ring before pacing around, waiting for Fred Barnes to bring out his next opponent.*

Fred Barnes: "And just to prove that I'm not that the puppet you make me out to be, you'll be facing Gunner. IUWF's best young talent that you'll have to make say I Quit."

*Gunners music hits the sound system, as his into clip plays on the titantron, he steps out and stands beside Mr. Barnes, stretching for his upcoming match.*

Fred Barnes: "You said you wanted to take out targets, Erebos. So I'll give you the best opportunity right here. The loser of the match is fired from the International Union Wrestling Federation. Get a ref down here and start this match."

*Fred leaves to backstage while a referee makes his way to the ring.*
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I've got the beast in my site.
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