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 Fear the Cross

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Stan Nick Croce

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PostSubject: Fear the Cross   Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:59 pm

Stan Nick Croce is seen running down the ramp with his barbwire wrapped baseball bat in hand. In the ring, Alex Riley is being held in a devastating Fujiwara Armbar by Jeremy Danielson. The crowd pops as Stan slides into the ring.

"Here comes the cavalry and he seems mad!" declares commentator 1.

Jeremy sees Stan rise and ready his bat; he barely escapes being hit by Nicks swing. Jeremy escapes into the crowd. Stan checks on Alex and motions for a microphone when he sees the medics rush in from the back.

"Hey Jeremy!" Stan calls out. "You better run boy. After my title shot tonight, win or lose, I'm coming for you and the power hungry swine that protect your sorry soon to be carcass!"

The camera focuses on Alex Riley.
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Fear the Cross
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