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 A Declaration of War

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PostSubject: A Declaration of War   Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:06 am

*Camera focus on the Titan tron but no one is there. Suddenly, the whole stadium is in pitch dark for a few seconds. Crowd murmurs and making loud chant “Lu Bu! Lu Bu!”*

Lu Bu: “Yes, it’s me!”

*The whole stadium lights up with crimson red flames, camera focuses on Lu Bu who slowly marches towards the ring riding his horse Red Hare. Lu Bu grabs a mic from one of the staff as it at the ring side.*

Lu Bu: “For a newbie like me, I’m sure I’ve make my mark through the few matches I participated.”

*Lu Bu step down from his Horse and make his grand entrance through the stairs. Lu Bu goes into the ring.*

Lu Bu: “I’ve beat the crap out of Emerald and The Wrestler for the past two matches and
I’m sure all of you would like to witness my might.”

*Lu Bu grins. Half of the crowd cheers while the other half boos. Some yell “Go back to

Lu Bu: “I see. Some of you are still not convince of my true strength. Well, shame on you for not noticing it. Or perhaps you just too ignorant to realize this truth, the truth of me who is destined to be the Champion in the ring like how I was the ultimate warrior who is feared by many in the battlefield for being the Warrior among Warriors. Pffft! Pathetic. For all my loyal followers, I’ll show you that you are not supporting the wrong guy. I’ll challenge my way to the top, and for the non-believers, I shall break everyone that’s in my way to the title.”

*Camera fades as Lu Bu rides his Horse Red Hare going out of the ring.*
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A Declaration of War
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