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 Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)

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Jay Hall

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PostSubject: Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 8:05 pm

-The scene opens up to a dimly lit locker room. We see large containers of a red substance in the background. Just then Jay Hall comes into focus.-

Jay Hall: What did we tell you?
Blood and Destruction did the unthinkable.
We took the tag titles away from the two chumps, like taking candy from a baby.
Now it is time for you all to see what true greatness is.
A new era of tag team.
A new era of Blood!

-Jay Hall leans one of the containers and smirks.-

Jay Hall: Spook will have something to say also.
But you all get to listen to me.
We are now top dogs in this place.
Soon enough we will hold other titles.
We are here and ready for the take over.
Blood shall pour down these halls.
Blood shall be drained from you all.
I and Spook will make sure of that!
it is time for you all to know true pain.
Time for you to fell agony and failure.

-Jay Hall leans back and cracks one of the containers and takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly and sniffs the air.-

Jay Hall: Smell that?
The smell of victory.
The smell of Blood.
The smell of two of the greatest tag team members to grace the ring.

-Jay Hall takes the lid of the container and tosses it off to the side.
Jay Hall dips his hands into the container and brings his hand out. Its covered in Blood. Jay then takes his hand and rubs it all over his face. He lowers his hand and smiles and licks the Blood from his lips.-

Jay Hall: Now that is what I call the sweetest thing ever.
The taste makes me fell inside.
The fell makes me live.
Now that you all see how serious I am and Spook.
Stay away if you know whats good for you.
Soon we will bathe in your Blood.
Give in to it.
Let it be and all will be good.
Blood is what I strive for.
Blood is what I will have.

-Jay Hall grabs the container and tips it over. The Blood spills everywhere as Jay Hall stands in the middle of it. Jay Hall smirks as the camera fades to black.-
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PostSubject: Re: Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)   Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:51 pm

Very nice, will rp off of this is the morning.

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PostSubject: Re: Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)   Thu Feb 12, 2015 7:16 am

The scene opens with a television in a dark room, the figure of Spookmeister is seen watching the picture... the smell of burning rubber in the air. The promo that Jay Hall cut being played over and over again by the Spookmeister with a remote in hand.

Several, what looks like wires are seen... which may explain the burning smell. A door to the right, and a door to the left... neither of which are closed, both wide open and beyond nothing but darkness.

Spook: "I have watched this over and over and Jay did get a few things right. We did the unthinkable... but that is after all what we accel at, doing the unthinkable."

Spookmeister then pulls out a zippo lighter from his pocket as he sits down on what appears to be an old sofa.

Spook: "Only one more thing to do Jay, destroy everyone and everything who gets in our way. I was signed by the IUWF as someone who wouldn't last long... but my mission is simple. Prove them wrong, prove that Spookmeister and Jay Hall belong here.
It seems that we have taken that first critical step in doing so by capturing Tag Team gold. I will not rest until the IUWF recognizes me and Jay for who we truly are... the future of this company. He has shown you all the blood that will rain from the heavens,
now let me show you the destruction that come up from hell and bring all of you down."

Spookmeister then stands up and lights the zippo tossing it onto the sofa, he then leves through the door on the right as the sofa bursts into flames, the wires then catch the flames... but they are not wires. As the room continues to burn the fuse cords burn until they reach a point behind the
television and the entire room explodes as the scene fades.
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PostSubject: Re: Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)   

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Jay Hall has an announcement. (for the ppv)
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