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 An unexpected event.

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PostSubject: An unexpected event.   Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:58 am

Outside of the IUWF Arena, a black Porsche 911 drives around very slowly... as if looking for a place to park, but there are a decent number of spaces open and the car continues to pass them by. The only conclusion one can draw is that the occupant of this vehicle is looking for something or someone. The car stops behind a GTO that belongs to Spookmeister, it rests there for a moment with the engine being revved to variable degrees. The vehicle finally backs up and pulls into a spot a couple of spaces down from Spookmeister's GTO, the scene fades.

The Titantron goes dark and the lights dim with a single purple light being beamed into the ring, as soon as the Titantron goes dark it lights back up with a single bolt of lightning and the sound of a thunderclap heard throughout the arena, suddenly everything goes dark except for the beam of light in the ring andLinks 2,3,4 begins to blare
over the PA system as the fans begin to chant Spook...Spook...Spook. From behind the Titantron the ever formidable Spookmeister emerges, wearing a rather unusual trenchcoat that contains two metal spires on either shoulder... he stops for a slight moment to take in the crowds chants and then closes his eyes. He then opens his eyes and begins
to walk ever so slowly to the ring, as he approaches the ring the fans begin to quiet their chants so they can hear what the master of dark justice has to say. He climbs the steps and ducks between the ropes and proceeds into the ring until he comes to a halt inside the beam of purple light and then pulls out a mic from inside his coat and raises it to his lips.

Spook: "Tonight is a momentus occasion, tonight you will all get to see the annihilation of the lifeforms known as Stan Nick Groce and Erebos. Dark justice likes to do repeat visits to those who overwhelmingly deserve such a thing... and both of them deserve the havoc that can be wrought upon them. For tonight will be the last time you will see them as they appear now. Both will suffer, and both will fall at the hands of the tag team known as Blood and Destruction."

Spookmeister the takes a few steps towards the announce table with the light following him as he walks, he then abruptly decides to be seated in the corner of the ring nearest the time keeper's station.

Spook: "Its rather funny how people perceive justice and the vengeance that comes with it. Most of you believe that justice is best served through a court system that is broken, or through the system of law which is broken even worse than the courts. I say to you all, that true justice is the kind of justice that you get when you are done wrong and you catch up with the perpetrator
and make them pay using your own methods of torture or annihilation that you see fit. There is no perfect justice... there are only perfect consequences, namely those that break and destroy your adversaries. Tonight Erebos and Stan will learn that, tonight is the end... the end of one story and the beginning of another. Once the match is complete and the destinies of Stan and Erebos are etched in history... the new saga begins."

With a sudden BOOM! The arena shakes and the fans begin to whisper... wondering where this explosive sound has originated. In the ring, Spookmeister stands rather quickly and looks towards the Titantron... then another sound blares over the PA system, this one sounding more like booming footsteps... the sounds continue as Spookmeister produces a slight smile as a  figure appears from behind the Titantron. The figure sports a black cloak, which shines slightly with purple lights streaming down upon them... they walk towards the ring and stop just before the steps, pulling a mic from one of the camera men.

Cloaked figure: "So this is where you have gone Spook. I have been looking to rekindle our old partnership since you left with no warning, only saying you were coming to serve justice upon the IUWF. It is agreeable to see you once again."

Surprisingly the voice is female, a dark and almost shimmering kind of voice. The Spookmeister walks over to the corner nearest the ring steps and holds open the ropes as the myserious woman walks up the steps and enters the ring... the purple beam of light now encompassing both individuals as Spookmeister lets out a hellacious laugh.

Spook: "Well, I see you got my message Miss Darkani? Very nice indeed."

Spookmeister replies to the woman as she lowers the hood of her cloak to reveal a rather pale face and piercing eyes. Spookmeister then goes behind the young woman as she unties her cloak at the neck and Spookmeister releases the garment from her shoulders and drops it to the ring mat.

Darkani Vengeance: "Its nice to see that you have begun the insurrection... now that I am here we can finish it."

Spookmeister nods in agreement as the fans are standing in stunned silence, listening and hanging on every word.

Spook: "Yes, I believe it is time isn't it? I have made my point and my partner Jay has made his... tonight we start a new saga as I was explaining to these fine people."

The fans again begin to chant Spook...Spook...Spook. Spookmeister raises his free hand and motions to the crowd to quiet down and they oblige him.

Spook: "To those of you who don't know who this woman is, she is the motivation for dark justice. For she truly knows how to bring out the darkest nature of people, myself included. Now that Miss Darkani Vengeance has arrived the IUWF is going to witness the true destructive power of dark justice. There will be bodies lying in my wake, so many bodies that I will have to step over them as I walk waiting for my next conquest. So it is written, and so it shall come to pass... for the dark list has been written."

With that, the fans slowly begin to fire back up the chants of Spook...Spook...Spook. But before they can get completely enamoured in the moment the beam of purple light fades and two lightning bolks come from nowhere and strike the two metal spires on the trenchcoat of the Spookmeister... again a clap of rolling thunder is heard and the arena goes dark. The fans then let out their full fury as the Spook chants are so loud the arena begins to rumble... but when the light reinvigorate both Spookmeister and his new lady friend are gone. The scene fades...
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An unexpected event.
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