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Colt anderson title taunts daria champion
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 Dan Small Judgement

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PostSubject: Dan Small Judgement   Dan Small Judgement EmptyFri Apr 10, 2015 6:37 pm

The crowd, eerily silent as they await what appears to be happening next. The lights go almost dark as the Titantron lights up with a single bolt of purple lightning striking the ground somewhere in the countryside, the fans begin to erupt into cheers and soon, chants for
the all powerful Spookmeister. Strangely enough, no music is being played... instead the repeating image of the lightning bolt disappears and a new image featuring Darkani Vengeance holding what appears to be a young sleeping infant wrapped in a black blanket with lightning bolts strewn about it.
She is singing a rather sadistic lullaby to the young one as she walks off camera and the Spookmeister steps into view in this dark forboding chamber of a room, apparently some sort of nursery.

Spook: "Dan Dragon, otherwise known as Babyface some say. Low and behold I would ever hurt an infant... but you are no infant are you? You are nothing but a man who wishes to be given everything on a platter, no consequences for your actions. That is your
perogative of course. But know this Dan Dragon... every action has consequence, whether it be tomorrow, next week, or ten years down the road... time always catches back up with you. You are a champion, yet your name indicates you are nothing more than a man who has no
business being one. Causality is something you and the rest of the IUWF should study, everything happens for a reason, and those reasons are sometimes never known... which is why people always underestimate other people. But there is no underestimating the havoc I will bring,
if you have learned anything by watching me and Jay, or even just myself... it is that once I have the dark energy of revenge flowing through my body I am unstoppable. I am truly amazed that some of you people still do not understand this yet... my advice, don't do anything that may gain you
a visit from the dark God of Vengeance, perhaps then you will all truly be free of my wrath... but until then, the IUWF is now my playground."

A short pause in the image brings the fans to their feet as chants of SPOOK...SPOOK...SPOOK fill the arena, so loud that the commentators can barely hear one another. The Titantron begins to flare up yet again with another image, this time Spookmeister holds the young infant, still wrapped in the same black blanket with Darkani visible just off the right shoulder of the Spookmeister and a dark red crib with what appears to be long teeth protruding from the rails.

Spook: "This infant is young and innocent, but you are not Dan Dragon. Our upcoming match will be no match, it will be a judgement sent down to me to carry out upon you. Your sentence is annihilation, when we face one another... I have already been the judge and the jury, but next I will be your
executioner. This child understands revenge even better than you or everyone else. This crib over here is a prime example of how none of you understand... every time you lay your heads down to go to sleep, you are in the court of revenge, within the teeth of the beast that perhaps awaits you. You then awaken in the morning feeling refreshed and revived, not knowing just how close to being sentenced you all have become... eventually however, all will be sentenced... and I will be sent to execute the plan which has been foretold on you. See you in the ring Dan Dragon... but remember this, I am constant as the northern star."

Spookmeister then stands, with Darkani at his side the shadowy couple place the young infant into the crib as the lights go out in the room completely... not a sound is then heard, except a whisper.

Darkani: "That which was, is, and always will be."

The image promptly fades as the fans return to their seats in stunned silence... much like the commentary crew.
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Posts : 77
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PostSubject: Re: Dan Small Judgement   Dan Small Judgement EmptySat Apr 11, 2015 5:19 pm

Realized I made a mistake on the name of my opponent... also found a few spelling errors. It is corrected now though.

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Dan Small Judgement
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