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     Reflections and such

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    PostSubject: Reflections and such   Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:40 am

    An abandoned warehouse... somewhere in Indianapolis. The shadows of the night cut deeply into one's soul as a flicker of light is seen from the camera's perspective, is it a lighter? Is it a small flashlight? It is neither, it is a candle... a black candle with the flame dancing around in the drafty building. A silhouette is seen, it could be a person... but it is unknown due to the  shadows. As the camera pans around trying to get a fix on any certain location within this structure... the candle suddenly gets closer rather quickly, as if someone had ran towards the camera... it abruptly disappears. Again the camera begins to search for a target in the dark, and damp warehouse... and again, nothing. As before, the appearance of the candle grabs the attention of the camera... this time with the outline of a face... the Spookmeister is here.

    Spook: "Last night in Las Vegas... I captured a title. Last night in Las Vegas another man fell to my revenge, a man who had everything going for him... but now he is food for the crow's. I said what I was going to do, and with my darkest impulses of vengeance I conquered yet again. Is there no one in this company who can stand up to me in a way worthy of the dark warrior? Is there no one at all? Are you all scared because you don't know what I will pull out of my bag of tricks next? Is it that you all see the power of darkness and are in awe of the prescence it commands?"

    The candle then blows out, thanks to a seemingly strong crosswind that flows through the abandoned structure. As soon as the darkness fills the area once again, another light becomes visible... the purple light of the lightning of vengeance which both Darkani and the Spookmeister wield without question, which they both wield with an arrogance deserving recognition of all that it truly means. Darkani steps towards the camera, her pale face illuminated up by the purple light... apparently appearing from nowhere.

    Darkani: "There is no one my dear, for they all fear the monster that you have become. They fear what they do not understand, much like everyone else. Although fear isn't our goal, it is surely a powerful weapon of consequence is it not my dear Spookmeister?"

    Darkani then disappears, much the same way Spookmeister did moments ago... this time it is the Spookmeister who returns to view as the sounds of water dripping from a lonely faucet are heard. Spook smiles to the camera and then turns his head and appears to smile at Darkani wherever she has gone off to.

    Spook: "Last night, my partner fell short of his goal... only to begin to realize his next one. The blood that will run from his new goal will be something to be admired. Much like my darkness and destruction that I visit upon those who deserve it, he will achieve his goal. Let us talk about last nights events for just another few moments."

    Spookmeister's silhouette disappears for a split second before returning to the view of the camera with more light being visible and the aforementioned Dark Warrior now sitting on what seems to be a park bench.

    Spook: "Poor Abigail, she had to change her wardrobe after last night I would imagine... as someone named AFTERLIFE appeared to her and called for revenge for her sins. That man seeks to get revenge for sins on a recent scale... I on the other hand get vengeance for all the sins that everyone commits in their lives. That is my power, the power
    of redemption for those who cannot get it for themselves. But then you ask... isn't this Spookmeister person an evil sort? Evil is a point of view my dear friends, it isn't the sin that I get revenge for so much as it is the reason for the sin. Some of the worst acts committed have the best of intentions... I am the consequence of those intentions. So AFTERLIFE,
    you go right ahead and punish that Abigail witch and I will destroy everyone else... perhaps we will meet one day and settle who is right, and who is wrong... but as it stands now my friend, we both have more important things to deal with don't we?"

    Spookmeister stands up for a moment and walks to his left as Darkani enters the frame once again... this time her cloak isn't seen, she bears something very scant in nature.

    Darkani: "What else did you observe last night my dark warrior?"

    As soon as she had appeared, she again disappears as Spookmeister takes center stage and sits down once again.

    Spook: "I did notice something, I noticed that Legend Assasin didn't atone for his sins... for the consequences of his actions in his past. Instead he was able to hold off my partner and his thirst for blood... I can say this, you can stop bloodlust on occasion... but you cannot stop consequence Assasin. We will meet, I can promise you that my dear
    friend. I can also promise to you that your consequences are almost as long of a list as Gyalin Reece and his list. It doesn't matter where you run, or where you hide... consequence will always find you, and I will be there destroying you and dishing out the punishment you have earned through your acts of depravity at the expense of others. You may call me evil,
    you may say you do not fear me... perhaps you don't. But as I said before Assasin, it isn't about fear... its about retribution for all the wrongs you have done."

    Spookmeister pauses for just a moment before taking in a deep breath and continuing.

    Spook: "Gyalin Reece, you my friend are a piece of work. You strut around as though you are invincible, not failing to mention last night that you have only lost once, and never at a pay per view show. Do you really think any of that matters to people such as Jay and myself? Do you really think that parading around the way you do absolves you from the vengeance that you too deserves? Do you believe that you have no consequences in your life? You have stepped on quite a few toes Mr. Reece, and those individuals will get their revenge one day as well... that is something I can guarantee, for I am never ending... I am constant as the northern star."

    The entire building goes dark yet again as the voice of Darkani Vengeance is heard whispering very softly.

    Darkani: "That which was, is, and always will be."

    The scene fades...
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    Reflections and such
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