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daria anderson taunts Colt title champion
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 Further Dissention

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PostSubject: Further Dissention   Further Dissention EmptyFri May 15, 2015 7:38 am

A sidewalk seems simple enough, but a sidewalk in the dark of night with no lights illuminating it seems somewhat complicated. A pair of figures walk down an old raggedy sidewalk, edges raised from the growth of trees next to it and several cracks as though an earthquake has taken its toll on the man made structure as well. The camera follows the couple with night vision, seen are the figures of Darkani Vengeance and the Spookmeister... both of which are set up with mics to hear their every word. But inside the arena is where the real action awaits... as the streaming footage is visible on the Titantron. Darkani stops for just a moment and turns around to peer towards the camera.

Darkani: "That which was, is, and always will be... your very own Spookmeister."

She speaks this rather calmly as the fans inside the arena begin their usual SPOOK chants. Spookmeister then quickly enters the frame and prepares his own dialogue.

Spook: "So myself and Jay get to face Jillian and Mister N. That is too bad... we may as well be facing Mister Ed. Mister N, there is one thing I have noticed from you since your arrival... you talk too much, hence the Mister Ed reference. You come out from your dressing room and make demands or insult someone, which I care little about... what I do care about is your incessant rambling. You are aware that this also constitutes a place on my list are you not? It is one thing to speak of your opponents as though you truly know them, it is quite another to actually truly know them. Be prepared to face your darkness, the thing that keeps you up at night, the creature which haunts your every waking moment... once I have finished with you I shall turn you over to my partner to finish you off with his lust for blood. If you think I went easy on you, I probably did... for once jay grabs a hold of you, you will never be the same again."

The fans cheer and restart their SPOOK chants as Darkani and Spookmeister take a few more steps down the sidewalk, in the near distance the arena is seen, to the left and right appear to be old abandoned warehouses or factories. Both then suddenly stop yet again as Spookmeister starts to speak.

Spook: "As for you Jillian... you seem to believe that you are entitled, that you should be given opportunities just because you seemingly have some sort of complex. Let me tell you a few things. Did you know that the self entitled are always first on my list? They all just merely try to skip past me as I see them in the locker room area most times. Most of them do just that, mainly due to the fact that they are not at the top of my list. Did you also know Jillian, that once you step into that ring with monsters such as myself and Jay... that you will be overrun with feelings of dread and feelings of fear? I do not condone fear as a method of torture... but I do condone destruction as a method of pacification. You unfortunately will get to fully witness exactly what I mean... for the List handed down by my master is forever and you are upon it... be warned, if you do not run away... your destruction is assured my dear."

With that the scene shifts to inside the arena in the Jay Hall locker room, where a monitor sits on a tv cart. Jay stares at the screen with his face becoming more and more red.. as though angry.

Jay: "That Darkani has ruined everything, she is NOT NEEDED!!! Blood will flow... one way or another."

The scene fades as the fans stare in amazement.
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Further Dissention
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