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title champion anderson Colt taunts daria
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PostSubject: new to the IUWF   new to the IUWF EmptySat Jul 26, 2014 9:23 pm

new to the IUWF Richar10

new to the IUWF Xavier11

Richard Potter: " Welcome back IUWF wrestling fans, once again I am Richard Potter here with Xavier Lawson bringing you great wrestling action from around the world today. And  as you can tell... "

* Richard stumbles his words when he sees strange safety personal walking toward ring side... *

Xavier Lawson: " Yea! As we can tell, that you get flustered at the sight of safety personal. What does it bring back some child hood memory or something?? Get it together son!!! "

*The P.A wakes up and graces the fans with the sounds of AC/DC's back in black...... A few moments go by, then at the top of the ramp appears...... *

new to the IUWF Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTtNZHqOxtIvc3UyUokCAIS4ueR9LHFvFiKKsi7EVktQ3OUVj7TYA

* This fireman walks down to the ring engulfed in flames, the fans in amazement with each of his steps. The man finally makes it to ring side where the safety personal put out the flames and the unrobe from the fire suite revealing the great Hollywood..... His music still playing in the back ground as he enters the ring and is handed a mic.... *

( hollywoods pic )

Hollywood: " Yes, I'm back!!!!!..... The greatest entertainer this side of mars has decided to once again put the movie world on hold... I told wall street to put a knot in it and chill out... The fans of IUWF they want..... No!!! They need me to come back to show to all them B rated wrestlers and so called actor/stunt men how this business really works..... "

* Unknowingly to Hollywood Colt Anderson and his tag team partner Logan Acid had crept into the ring both wheeling steel chairs..... And they both preform a fantastic steel chair shot to Hollywood's head.... Leaving Hollywood knocked out bleeding from the head laying in the middle of the ring..... Anderson and Acid quickly exits the ring area, in doing so they are over heard saying.... " That's how this business work... " *

Richard Potter: " Well I don't think that was part of Hollywood's plan..... Can we get the medic out here???? But first we have to take a break... Back after these words.... "

* Fade to black *

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