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 Champion's Mistake

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The Legend Assasin

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PostSubject: Champion's Mistake   Tue Feb 03, 2015 5:59 am

Lukewarm Skywalker Miser is shown backstage walking towards his locker room. Suddenly The Legend Assasin comes out of nowhere in front of him and stops him.

The Legend Assasin:- Hey you loser, wassup?

Lukewarm Skywalker Miser:- Get outta of my sight.

The Legend Assasin:- Hey take it easy man. I just wanted to congratulate you on your successful title defense against a rookie who didn't even know how to hit a punch. Nice choice of opponent.

Lukewarm Skywalker Miser:- Don't stuck your nose in my bussiness.

The Legend Assasin:- Wo wo wo man, this is not your bussiness... now it's mine coz a champion like you is a slap in the face of legends like Jeremy Danielson, athyz, Noob, Sinister, Stonecold Stunner Steve Austin, Dan Babyface Dragon and true champions like Alex Riley, Alex Riley, Me and my partner Arrow Madison. We are the true wrestlers who fights with an equal challenge not like you who defend his title against inferior oppoents.

Lukewarm Skywalker Miser:- I'm a greater champion than you all and i'm a true legend.

The Legend Assasin:- No, you're just a coward. Who fears to get in the ring with a real man.

Lukewarm Skywalker Miser slaps The Legend Assasin. The Legend Assasin punches him back and they start to brawl. The Officials and some wrestlers runs towards them and seperates them.

The scene fades away as officials and wrestlers are seperating Lukewarm Skywalker Miser and The Legend Assasin.
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Champion's Mistake
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