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 Practice for Justice

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PostSubject: Practice for Justice   Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:29 pm

The scene opens with the cameraman trying to follow Spookmeister's GTO forwards and backwards through an empty section of the parking lot. On the asphalt lay two dummies that he seems to be running over again and again.

The GTO finally comes to a stop as the cameraman catches up with the beast of a car, Spookmeister is seen laughing through the windshield... obviously a quite sinister laugh as he steps on the gas  and the back tires begin to spin and letting
off huge clouds of smoke. The car then takes off at a rather fast clip and once again runs over the two dummies laying on the ground, the car retreats going over the same path it just took and ends up back in front of the cameraman... Spookmeister turns the ignition and
the GTO shuts off, he then opens the door and exits the car.

The air still smelling of burned rubber and fuel is almost sickening to any normal person as Spook walks towards the cameraman and asks for a mic. The cameraman is then seen handing him a mic... Spook moves the microphone towards his lips and begins to speak.

Spook: "Don't you all just enjoy the night air as much as I do? So heavy and so dense with the thoughts of darkness that take over men."

Spookmeister reaches down to the ground and picks up a penny that is laying in front  of him... then continues.

Spook: "Do any of you know what I was doing? Let me just say I was practicing... anyone who gets in our way will be run over plain and simple. I dressed these two dummies up like Arrow and Legend... I at least wanted to give them a fair trial before the judgement
of vengeance and justice takes a hold of their impotent bodies when myself and Jay finish them off. Most people think there is a light that can counter darkness... but when it comes to me and Jay no light is strong enough to counter either of us because we represent
justice, whether it be good or bad justice... we are the judge, the jury, and the executioners. As all of you will witness later tonight... that is all."

As quickly as he began he tosses the mic back at the cameraman and starts to laugh as he walks back towards the drivers side of his GTO, he then re-enters his car and continues his so called practice... the scene fades.
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Practice for Justice
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