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 A haunting

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PostSubject: A haunting   A haunting EmptyWed Mar 04, 2015 11:05 pm

The camera cuts to the gm's offices where Abigail is dressed in blue Indian dress attire. She is doing here paperwork when 3 knocks come on the door. Stopping and with a heavy sigh looks up dropping a gold pen.

Abigail: "COME!!"

No one enters as he shakes her head and looks back at here paperwork. Again, 3 taps hit the door, now with a little more force.

Abigail:" Yes enter i said!"

Again no one enters, getting up she mutters something to herself but is unclear. getting to the door she grabs the handle and swings open the door to find know one there. Looking somewhat shocked she moves out to the hall looking down both ways to see the halls empty. She turns to walk back in but hears a loud thud inside the office. walking back inside she is shocked to find all her paperwork all over the floor and her chair over on its side.[i]

Abigail.:" What the.."

[i]Before she can say anything the door slams behind her making her jump in fright. She brings her hands up to her face in shock as the camera pulls back as she looks around the office confused before the camera fades
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A haunting
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