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title daria taunts anderson Colt champion
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 Zadkeil betrayal.. meeting the CEO

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Zadkeil betrayal.. meeting the CEO Empty
PostSubject: Zadkeil betrayal.. meeting the CEO   Zadkeil betrayal.. meeting the CEO EmptySat Apr 04, 2015 7:22 pm

The camera moves to a big office where the Big boss man himself sits,the CEO of the company George Howard who sits at the desk with a Big Cigar, a dark blue suit,Blue shirt and two gold rings on his right hand.He sits looking threw some files and nods as Daria Wild sits across from him in a short white dress,white top, slightly unbuttoned around the chest.Her Dark hair tied up as she wears very sexy slim black glasses. George frowns and takes the cigar in one hand,tipping it into an ashtray.then removes his reading glasses of his nose,leaving them on the table and looks at Daria.

George Howard:" Mhh, very good..Very good..Profits are steady.. the crowed's are good..Might need to do better advertising for the PPV But i have three shows to do in around the city and then flying across coutry for a newscast about our show there two.. Now, tell Me about this Zadkeil wrestler? I have not had much chance to read the File as of yet.?"

Daria smiles and opens a file he holds on her lap,looking at it before speaking to The CEO.

Daria Wild:"Well sir, we had reason to believe the he was giving Some of our information to another Federation,and some papers before the shows went live on air. We fist thought we were having issues with the T.v people,but when we looked into it it seemed that we were booked with a different show,because someone was told to change our timing. So we had a Undercover Officer check it all out..the report came back two weeks later two him. When your COO Ms Howard and I confronted him,he denied everything so we had to fire him. Here is the report in detail."

She hands over the report to the boss, who takes it and places his briefcase on the desk and the file inside. He takes down the case and places the case back down on the round. He picks up the cigar,placing it back in his hand,takes a puff and sits back with a scowl look on his face.

George Howard:" This can't happen again, ill see to that. But as for you two good work. Just a pity it was not seen before this. Il have MY lawyers look into this, but as for now i am really pressed for time. So if you could excuse me theres some calls i have got to make.?"

Daria stands up and smiles at the Ceo and turns to head to the door, the camera follows her as she exits the room.
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Zadkeil betrayal.. meeting the CEO
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