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 This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match]

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This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match] Empty
PostSubject: This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match]   This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match] EmptySun Jul 19, 2015 2:45 pm

The camera opens outside the arena, Jeremy  Danielson can be seen making his way to the car park. He's now dressed in his slim blue suit, blue waistcoat, white shirt and red skinny tie.

Richard Potter: "There goes JD looks like he's done for the night".

Xaiver Lawson: "He's done with his match so I guess there's no reason to be here any more".

Richard Potter: "And knowing JD like I do I bet he has other plans tonight that are more important that wrestling .. If you get what I mean Xavier?"

Xaiver Lawson: "I don't get what you mean Rich. This guy said earlier tonight that he is back and that he's ready to rise to the top".

Richard Potter: "And?"

Xavier Lawson: "Let me finish Richard, let me finish ... He says that stuff yet he's walking out of the arena before the end of the night? I don't see anyone else doing that, especially the guys at the top .. The guys he said he wants to beat".

Richard Potter: "Err what? Did you not say like two seconds ago that he has no reason to be here any more?"

Xavier Lawson: "Yeah I did but..".

Richard Potter: "But nothing Xavier. You can't say one thing then two seconds later say something totally different".

Xavier Lawson: "I can say what I like Richard and there isn't anything you can do about it so quit your moaning; it's getting on my nerves".

Jeremy walks to a limo and gets in.The camera cuts to the inside. The camera sits facing Jeremy as he looks in to the camera and his perfect smile slowly spreads along his face.

Xavier Lawson: "What's got him so happy?"

Richard Potter: "I think we're about to find out".

Jeremy leans forward and picks up a bottle of Moet. He turns the cork and pops the bottle as two female hands come forward with two glasses. Jeremy pours them out, puts the bottle down and takes a glass.

Jeremy Danielson: "Here's to winning".

They toast to the winning.

Female Voice: "Here's to the future".

They toast again, Jeremy takes a sip.

Jeremy Danielson: "I'm glad you're here; I wanted a word with you".

Female Voice: "And I with you .. You first".

Jeremy takes another sip.

Jeremy Danielson: "I couldn't help but notice what happened a couple of weeks just before the show went off the air".

Female Voice: "Right".

Jeremy Danielson: "Well I think I can help".

Female Voice: "Go on".

Jeremy Danielson: "It seems to me that your last plan failed. You tried to take on the best but lost the round but I think the fight isn't over".

Female Voice: "How did you come to that conclusion?"

Jeremy Danielson: "Chess".

Female Voice: "Chess?"

Jeremy Danielson: "Yes chess, not in the literal scene but figuratively. The opening gambit has been played but by no means have we surrendered".

Female Voice: "We?"

Jeremy Danielson: "I believe we have the same goals right now so yes we. You see you got something given back to you because it didn't work and I think it wasn't because it was a bad idea; I think it was a great idea it's just the execution needed to be better and that's where I come in".

Female Voice: "You?"

Jeremy Danielson: "That's what I just said Abigail. I'm ready to go to the next level and you need someone to help you. I mean I assumed that's why you came here?"

Abigail Howard: "I did want to see you but not for that reason, I did have another thing in mind".

A hand appears on Jeremy's leg as he looks down. He then looks back in to the camera before drinking the remainder of his Champagne. He then picks up the bottle and refills his glass.

Jeremy Danielson: "Are you trying to distract me?"

Abigail laughs as her hand remains on his leg.

Abigail Howard: "Hah please don't flatter yourself, I'm simply showing you that you're not untouchable. You might be back but a lot has happened since you've been gone. My plan might have failed but I don't see how you would think that I didn't have a plan b and to be fair I probably wouldn't have needed one had you been here when I needed you. Now you come to me thinking that you're doing me a favour? Please the only reason you're talking to me now is because you need me".

Jeremy takes another sip of his drink.

Jeremy Danielson: "So what if I am? You are obviously here because you need me. I was prepared to wait till next week but alas I find you here tonight. It's you that came to me tonight not the other way round".

Abigail Howard: "I'm beginning to think it was a mistake".

Jeremy Danielson: "Well if you don't want my help then why are you here?"

Abigail Howard: "I just wanted to know how serious you were about being back and I can see how serious you are and that's all I wanted to know".

Abigail appears on camera as she moves to sit next to Jeremy, she looks at him as she drinks her remaining drink. Her hand remains on Jeremy's leg as she puts her glass down.

Abigail Howard: "It seems we do have the same goals and the same thoughts of how to get there and you're right; I do need you".

Abigail starts to stoke Jeremy's leg as he leans close to his face until they are inches apart.

Abigail Howard: "I'll let you know my next move .. For now goodnight".

Abigail laughs and breathes in Jeremy's face. She then moves back and climbs out of the limo. The camera remains looking at Jeremy as he smiles his perfect smile and shakes his head. He downs his glass and picks up the bottle to refill his glass as he mumbles to himself.

Jeremy Danielson: "Now this is getting interesting. He's going to love this when he finds out".

Jeremy puts down the bottle as he fishes in his suit pocket, he pulls out his mobile and dials before putting the phone to his ear as the camera fades to black.

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This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match] Empty
PostSubject: Re: This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match]   This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match] EmptySun Jul 19, 2015 2:55 pm

Again sorry for posting this too late to make the show this week Gyalin. I'll make I get them in on time from now on. As with my other RP if this doesn't fit in after the show this week I'll re-do it or edit it to suit.
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This just got interesting [RP 2 - After Match]
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