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 The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*

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PostSubject: The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*   Sat Apr 11, 2015 3:04 am

The fans cheer and clap seeing themselves on the big screen before the camera cuts to the commentary team as they seem in shock. Shaking there head talking among themselves before looking at the camera.

RICHARD POTTER:" Yes fans we have seen our very own poor COO been haunted,abused, tormented a over the last few weeks! Tonight wee see that AFTERLIFE was behind this,seeking some sort of..of..justice for Alex Riley,who died last year.However i am appalled at the actions of this monster.What he is doing is well out of order..i mean she is our COO the CEO's daughter for gods sake!..Xavier why has no one tried to stop this.?I mean our gm or daria, or someone maybe the CEO himself..why not save his daughter!"

XAVIEAR LAWSON:" WAH, WAH WHA, give it a break Richey boy, AFTER WHAT THAT that women has done to our company,its about time that she was put in her place..she is abusing her power,she has our poor champion run ragged all season, and everyone else in the locker room..She even tried getting rid or Daria Wild by not telling her where the god dame show were! I am surprised that somebody has not tried it already!"

RICHARD POTTER:" No how can you.."

Before Richard Potter can finish the lights flutter and thunder sounds, the Graveyard tune plays out of the P.A as fog and blue lighting affects start around the ramp. The fans have a very loud mixed reaction as they know who's coming. 6 reaper tipe figures walks out holding a Big wooded cross with the COO Abigail Howard tied onto it and gagged. The fans are somewhat shocked as the camera zooms in on poor Abigail who is clearly in stress As they slowly make there way up the ramp.

RICHARD POTTER:" Oh my good god! what the hell is afterlife after doing.CAN'T SOMEONE GET SECURITY OUT HERE! Xavier do something!"

Xavier Lawson: Are you nuts! I an't going near that dude! what you think i can do,i just commentate!"

Fire comes out of the ring corners as the Reapers get to the ring and lean the cross on a stand. Afterlife follows behind with a all black outfit,mixed with metal. the silver helmet shimmers in the lights as only his eyes and some hair is seen.The camera moves in on him as he stands behind the cross holding what appears to be a small sickle. Two of the Reapers move towards the ring and remove a tables from under it as the camera moves around watching them. sliding them inside.Then they climb in and set up the two tables in the ring near the far ropes. the 3 other reapers grab the cross and start to bring Abigail inside the ring still on the cross as the two reapers inside help take it as they work together setting it up in the middle of the ring. The music still blares in the back round as the reapers do there work. The fans are shocked and now have gone some what quite, Till the camera captures something running threw the crowed as the fans now burst back into roars. Jumping over the barriers are Abigail's bodyguards   Asgard and Takeo as they run towards Afterlive, and start to beat hi down with  a lot of punches to the back as he bends over and down onto one knee.

RICHARD POTTER"OH at last some help has arrived,that rotten man will get what he deserves..GO GUYS BEAT HIM!"

XAVIER LAWSON:" Oh shut up man, or il get you beat up"

The guys continue beating on Afterlife before he gets up and hits Takeo  on the leg with the back of the sikle and gives a uppecut to Asgard who stumbles back. Afterlife grabs Takeo who swings but misses AFTERLIFE grabs Tyson Masters's hair
AFTERLIFE raises Takeo on the shoulders and grabbed his knee
and falls slamming violently Takeo's nape executing an violent Emerald Fusion. Asgard makes a run to Afterlife But gets caught with a superkick to the jaw as Takeo falls back out cold.  After life roars a cold chilling roar as he looks around at the two guys before making his way into the ring. Afterlife is handed a Mic as the cross is placed upward on the stond in the middle of the ring.

AFTERLIFE:"Tonight Abigail Howard you are placed on show here tonight to pay for your crimes! It has been seen fit by the high council of the hades that you are brought here for the Murder of Alex Riley and the filth of power that you have been Given! Tonight I ask you the people of this world to seek what punishment it is you should be giving!"

The fans all start chanting and pounding on there seats chanting, *PUT HER THREW THE TABLE.PUT HERE THREW THE TABLE.PUT HERE THREW THE TABLE!"*

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PostSubject: Re: The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*   Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:29 am

OOC: Love the creativity man. Smile

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Posts : 103
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PostSubject: Re: The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*   Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:12 pm

Lol thanks
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PostSubject: Re: The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*   

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The truth Will be revilled Stop please stop(p3)*Open to Gyalin Reece*
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