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 An Interview with Trigga

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An Interview with Trigga Empty
PostSubject: An Interview with Trigga   An Interview with Trigga EmptyThu Jun 04, 2015 2:20 pm

The camera fades to an area near the actual locker room door with loaded crates visible near the entrance. Footsteps and light voices can be heard coming from the locker room when Trigga steps through the door and heads in the opposite direction.

Unknown: Trigga!!!

Trigga turns around to see Gemma Gold quickly pacing to catch up with him. Trigga smiles as he looks at the young lady.

Gemma Gold: I wanted to catch you and ask you a few questions. How do you feel about your match coming up with Brando who you attacked just two weeks ago.

Trigga grabs the mic and nods his head at Gemma. He looks over in her direction and with a slight smirk begins to speak.

Trigga: First I think that we should all applaud for Brando for pulling himself up by his bootstraps and making his way to the GM's  office to make this match happen.

He begins a sarcastic slow clap which quickly dies out as his tone becomes more serious.

Trigga: I said it last week and I will say it again. I have nothing against Brando and a match is a match. No matter what I did, no matter how long it took him to recover, no matter how he thinks this match will go... It's just another opportunity to make the name Trigga a household brand.

He pauses to look directly in the camera. His eyes are locked into the point that they are piercing to look upon.

Trigga: Brando! I know you're listening. I know you have no choice but to hinge on every word I say because every time you breathe and feel your ribs... you think of me. Every time you see red you think of me and remember the puddle of blood I left you in. Every time you look in the mirror and see the scars that I left behind... You think of me. So when you hear this, I want you to know the truth. This is my first PPV with the company. This is a grand stage and I plan on giving a grand stage performance. Remember that when I beat you to a pulp and remember that this is exactly...

He quickly pauses and looks around before centering back to the camera.

Trigga: What you wanted.

He Forms his signature hand cannon and aims it into the camera. He pulls the trigger and exclaims "BANG!" He tosses the mic back to Gemma Gold as he walks away. She is left standing while the camera fades and moves back to her. You hear a voice in the background slowly fading before the screen completely darkens.

Trigga: Bet On It!
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An Interview with Trigga
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