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 The reckoning... part two

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PostSubject: The reckoning... part two   Fri May 08, 2015 3:59 pm

The crowd seems rather psyched as they cheer for no apparent reason, lots of the fans hold up signs proclaiming there allegiance to a particular star, other have sings that indicate who they are or even where they are from... and still some have signs that read some rather bad and undistinguished words. But it is freedom of speech after all. One fan in particular, who is seated near the entrance ramp to the ring about halfway down... wearing glasses and a dark blue Spookmeister t-shirt, appears to have something in his hand... possibly waiting for the right time to reveal it.

The lights of the arena go completely dark as a voice comes over PA System announcing that there is a tornado warning for the area due to a massive storm to the west of the building, one does not know however whether the lights went out because of the storm or because of man made influences... no sooner than the
announcer completes the National Weather Service statement, the Titantron begins to light up with footage of Darkani Vengeance cloaked in her usual garb... several BOOMING sounds are heard and then the PA System lets out House of 1000 Corpses by Zombie Girl and Darkani reveals herself from behind the Titantron and makes her way towards the ring and then stops and stares at the fan who is hiding something in his hand, wearing the Spookmeister t-shirt. Her face contorts until a grin is noticeable to the camera. Continuing further down the ramp and finally reaching the ring, Darkani pulls a mic out from underneath her cloak and raises it to her perfect lips as the cheers and the chants for Spookmeister continue to filter throughout the arena... she then raises a hand as if to say please hold your appreciation until after she announces the Spookmeister, the fans oblige her and promptly begin to quiet themselves as her music ceases to play.

Darkani: "Now, it is my privilege to introduce to you, that which was, is, and always will be... the Master of Dark Justice, the Spookmeister!"

With that, the Titantron produces footage of a single lightning bolt, then two, then three... as the lightning continues to flare on the screen, tornado sirens begin to sound. A few moments later(about 8 seconds) Seizure of Power by Marilyn manson begins to blare throughout the arena as the sirens cease and from behind the Titantron
emerges the dark warrior, the Spookmeister. As the dark lord slowly walks down the ramp and makes his way to the ring, the fan from earlier tosses what appears to be an action figure looking like Jay Hall onto the ramp in front of Spook and spits upon the small figurine of sorts. Spookmeister stops and raises an eyebrow to the fan and then continues on until he makes his way into the ring... once in the ring Darkani takes a few steps back to get out of the camera shot and give Spookmeister the spotlight... his music begins to fade, when all of the sudden a series of electrical charges looking like lightning bolts hit the four corners of the ring. Spook is then handed the mic by Darkani and begins to speak.

Spook: "Hello everyone, it is a fine evening with the storms raging outside and the storms that will rage in here once the Tag Team titles are defended. They give my partner and I a couple pieces of meat for the grinder. I must admit I do not fully understand the rationale for throwing these two at us, perhaps it is to teach them a lesson? But it just so happens they are both on my list... both have been there for quite some time, and both are going to be destroyed. It doesn't matter if they fear me and Jay, it doesn't matter if they do not fear us... what does matter is the contempt they have seeded once their arrival here in the IUWF. They talk a good game do they not? But that is all they do is talk, neither of them know what it is they are facing tonight. Once I complete my vengeance, Jay will finish it with the flowing blood of both these men. My vengeance reigns supreme... as I punish before I hand out the final judgement. Justice will be served, justice always is... as these two fools will find out a little bit later."

As Spookmeister pauses for a moment the fans begin to chant his name and the rafters begin to shake and the sound of possibly a train is heard all over the arena forcing Spookmeister to look up at the roof as if expecting something. The roaring ends almost as quickly as it started and Spook looks around at the crowd who has started to talk amongst themselves trying to figure out what the roar truly was in the first place. Spookmeister raises his right hand and then lowers it rather quickly as a lightning bolt looking charge hits the southwest ring post which gets the fans attention back to the ring.

Spook: "Time is a funny thing, do all of you not agree? Time catches up with you sooner or later does it not? Time has no enemies or no mercy, it takes what it wants like a predator stalking its prey..."

A sudden clap of thunder is heard outside and the lights dim once again as Jay Hall appears from behind the Titantron and makes his way to the ring, staring intently at the Spookmeister fan as he passes by. Spook, seeming annoyed with the interruption gives Jay a stare as he enters the ring. The scene fades.
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Posts : 77
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PostSubject: Re: The reckoning... part two   Fri May 08, 2015 4:00 pm

Place this before our tag team match please unless Jay has the time to add to this.

Thanks, SPOOK
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The reckoning... part two
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